Chillin’ On Brittas Bay

I got high today
Smoked my day away
Sun starts shining in the month of may
Don’t care what parents say
No worries, no voices
Telling me about my choices
While I remain voiceless
Because my views are pointless
Cause they don’t want to listen
To what is for I’m wishing
Cause parents no best
But today no stress
No more your life’s a mess
Just peace and rest
Chilling on the beach
Heaven seems within my reach
No longer have to seek
Another drag before I speak
‘Lads I could get use to this every week’
Jump to my feet
Run to the sea
By the time I get there
My clothes are history
Apart from my boxers
‘I’ll take them off if you show me your knockers’
My arms turn to block hers
As she goes off her rockers
She’s kind of touchy
About the nudity
This relationship is new to me
‘You’re so bleeding rude to me’
But she knows I’m only messing
She’s just looking for affection
So I come over all smooth
Apologise for being rude
Always make you stew
For a minute or two
Then they are all over you
It’s their way it’s what they do
I kind of like it
She gets me excited
On the beach waves are crashing
Run up to the boys they start laughing
Cause they know I only got out cause they’re spliff passing
And in a minute I’ll be harassing
For a blow off the joint
That’s why we are here
That’s the point
Few cans, few spliffs
No quarrels, no tiffs
We live for days like this.

My girl laying next to me
Cause she bring out the best in me
No need for that ecstasy
She the only thing injecting me
With a high
Look up clear blue sky
Few seagulls float by
Wish that I could fly
Grow wings and soar
Glide by the shore
No worries any more
Just peace in my core
Fitzer opens a can
Puts it in my hand
Lads playing football in the sand
While the birds are getting tanned
I wish moments like this could last forever
All of us together
Thin Lizzy sounding in the back
The Frames and Damien Dempsey also on the rack
As well as Orbital and Tupac
Switch to my favourite track
Halcyon on and on
I could play it all day long
Peace and tranquility
Amongst the humidity
Body at ease
Cooled by the breeze
I feel free
By the sea
This is the way I always want it to be
Treasure this moment in my memory
Escaping all pretences
Opening all gates and fences
Awakening all the senses
So perfect could of dreamt this
All sitting, joking, laughing
In the sunshine, smoking, basking
I cherish these moments with a passion
Feel so free I’m almost gasping
For air
No worries, no care
No hurry let nature repair
As we bask in the sea air.

Must be dreaming I feel so free
Feel my life’s found meaning by the sea
My friends around me
Never cease to astound me
When I get too cocky they ground me
When my world gets rocky they surround me
And steady the ship
These friends life’s graced me with
Are a gift
Savour the thought as I let my mind drift
Over the ocean
Its gentle waves act as a potion
Taking me away from the cities commotion
City life can be exhausting
And days like this don’t come often
So we make the most
Of our sunlit break by the coast
Raise our cans offer a toast
As we let our bodies roast
Under the sun, red heads burn quickly
Ibar, splashing on factor fifty
My girl acting a little shifty
Leans over just to kiss me
Just chilling out
Think I figured out
What life is all about
As her lips recede from my mouth
Was I ever really in any doubt
No pressures piling
We’re all just smiling
The sand glistening
Bodies sizzling
Sea breeze whistling
As the day is fizzling
The city lights are crying out
Their yellow tone
Beckons us home
It passes twighlight
This day could be the highlight
Of our summer
Mind transfixed
On our day of bliss
Cause we live for days like this.

© Daniel Breslin