Christmas comes but once a year
A time to value those held dear
A time to remember those who’ve passed
A time for each other when time moves fast.

Life can be hectic, in our own we can get consumed
Even the greatest sceptic, at this time should find room
Room for each other, if only for one day
For life can be a cover, hide what matters as it slips away.

So at Christmas time we try put all in perspective
Switch our minds to those we may have neglected
Try and switch our focus, to those we really love
Those that we hold closest, maybe don’t tell as much as we should.

It’s not about presents, buying unsparing
It’s about presence, unifying and sharing
Sharing time we have, piecing together missing parts
If this year was bad, let this Christmas strengthen hearts.

May the love you’ve given others, return and give you more
If loved ones past not be visible, may you feel them in your core
May you feel the love of others, at this unifying festive time
And let them know, even when distant, they are never far from mind.

© Daniel Breslin