Dancing Out Of Darkness

I’m just dancing out of darkness
Moving toward the light
Trying to put my heart in
Something other than a fight.

I’m just dancing out of hardship
Dancing from the pain
Trying to find joy
In something other than the rain.

For I’ve been dancing in the rain
For what feels a long time
And I’m just dancing out my pain
Trying to clear my mind.

And I’m just trying to clear some space
Fill it up with something new
To give happiness a taste
See where it takes me to.

I’m just trying to let loose my baggage
Leave a little of my past behind
Attack my future like a savage
See what I can find.

I’m just allowing in love
Giving a little of it to my self
For a lot of things ain’t been too good
But I believe that’s something I’m free to help.

I’m just allowing in the moment
I’m allowing in the light
Defeating my biggest opponent
Putting some onus on delight.

Focusing on myself
A little more every day
And I ain’t looking for no one’s help
But I’ll be taking what comes my way.

I’m just dancing out of hardship
Giving myself a little respite
For of course we can’t escape our hardship
So right now, I’m just enjoying the light in sight.

I’m just dancing toward different targets
And my feet are feeling a little light
Hoping they’ve danced some of their hardest
For in their movement something’s starting to feel right.

I’m just dancing out of darkness
Moving toward the light
Taking it step by step
Enjoying this point of life.

© Daniel Breslin