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Don’t Give Up Son

Don’t give up son
I know that you are tired
Them emotions come bubbling up some
Leave your brain feeling rewired.
We can go to awful despair
When we feel our feelings aren’t cared for
Or we try to summon up the words for feelings
That for us were never really there for.
It can take some life from you
When they all come together at once
Or people demand from you
Like you can never give enough.
Don’t give up son
I know that you are tired
Them emotions come bubbling up some
Leave your brain feeling rewired.
The things that you plough through
Sometimes they plough through you
You’re not failing any test
On the times you are not at your best.
You have a lot on your plate
There is a lot of good that you do
It’s alright if you’re not feeling great
I wish I could have been there more for you.
Don’t give up son
On those days that you are tired
You need to open up some
Even if it’s not with the one that you desired.
You need to let life in son
You’ve spent far too long alone
And I know in your heart you think you’ve found the woman
But that woman has said that she’s gone. 
You need to start living your life son
In a more caring, deeper way
Where the love that you give out
Is there for you in a similar way. 
Don’t give up son
You are heading in many good directions
And I know for you son
This has been one of your hardest lessons.
You never quit easy
I’ve always noticed that in you
And when you get your teeth in a thing
You like to see that thing through. 
You’ve handled a lot of loss
I’m pretty proud of the way you handled mine
And if there’s a spirit world
Know mine was with you at the time.
We can decide what we let in
And we can decide what we cut out
When we are strong enough
To see clearer through our doubts.
To do that we drink them in
We let them fill us whole
And we blow out the ones
That don’t align with our soul.
Don’t give up son
Today you are just feeling tired
Coming to the end of a long run
Of not really meeting your needs or desires.
Don’t give up son
For what looks like a painful end
Can be the beautiful start for some
In which open hearts mend. 
And the more you open yours
The more I’m sure that pain will ease
The fact the woman that you love, is loving someone else
Is something time will just unfortunately have to tease. 
You need to let some others care for you
For precious is our time
And you’re in need of love
And you never got enough of mine. 
Things don’t always work out
I’m the living dead proof
But everyday of life
Is an extra day of youth.
Don’t give up son
I know that you are tired
Them emotions come bubbling up some
Leave your brain feeling rewired.
Life is full of pressure
But precious does life be
And though I’m not there to say it
‘Son, you were always precious to me.’
Don’t give up son
You just going through incremental change
And I never knew change 
That wasn’t laced with pain.
You’re just re-walking your hell
Learning what served you well
Cracking open that protective shell
And drinking in the future’s smell.
Don’t give up son
Your heart is just reopening
And in order to do that 
We need to look at what’s been broken in it.
Don’t give up son
For never has that been you
You’re just breathing in your doubts
And breathing out what’s not for you.
Don’t give up son
For in life there is no smooth sea we sail upon
We battle against the tide 
We’re always going to get stuff wrong.
Don’t give up son
You just realign with the heart in you
You give that heart time
And you continue being you.
I’m proud of the man you are
I’m proud of the man I see
And every single man has to ask the same question
How much more can that man be? 
Don’t give up son 
For that’s not something that we do
But that’s just the man in me
Talking, to the man, I see, in you. 

© Daniel Breslin

Bicep Playing Rain

I love good music
It just speaks to my heart
These electronic sounds being created
In this beautiful boundless art.
These sounds just strike my soul
Speak directly to my being
Capture what it is I can’t extol
Cutting deep getting straight to feeling. 
I hear something new
Just boundless in these waves
And I feel pure soul
As I listen to the magic in their play.
They just take me different places
I’m in awe of what they create
I feel their beats opening new spaces
And I love when I enter those spaces with my mates.
What you living for other?
What here is your aim? 
I don’t really know mine either, but it 
feels a little clearer
When I hear Bicep playing Rain.
When I hear Four Tet playing Baby
When I hear Opal and Four Tet
I feel the essence of beauty
I feel that deep connect.
In those moments I see brightness
I see colours come in sound
And I feel our souls are timeless
And these sounds are breaking through new ground.
We’re all in this together
Something better is the aim
All in search of pleasure
Trying to make some sense out of our pain.
And it is my senses that are tickled
Lulled and brought alive
As this music through me ripples
And speaks to my insides.
Speaks to my brain, my soul, my heart
Makes my body move free of shame
And in its symphony claim a part
Knowing love and pain are one in the same.
Know this life is just a gift
And there is nothing that we own
But the more we connect, the more we lift
And I’m at mercy to the life within these tones. 
It’s in how they move and soothe me
In ways that I can’t speak
There’s so many things in life that lose me
But music finds me soaring, with the 
earth beneath my feet.
There’s just something in a melody
There’s just something in these tunes
That take a little hell from me
And make life feel so opportune.
We’re all just on this little ride
For a little space and time
Have you been wasting years?
Sometimes it feels I’m wasting mine.
I just want that little love
I just want that little connection
And when I can’t get it in flesh and blood
In music I find soothing and affection.
I find love and I see beauty
I see heart and I feel soul
As others put so much love in so astutely
In the little parts that make the whole.
I hear Jon Hopkins play Immunity
And a tear comes to my eye
As I look at my friends in all their beauty
And know that it’s what we offer each other 
gets us by.
I hear Light Through The Veins
I just lie back, smile, and sigh
For in that song there is such life
And it’s one to which I’d gladly die.
That ain’t no talk of defeatism
That’s just truth in all its hope
I’m just drifting in the breeze with em'
When I’m drinking in these beats and notes.
They just take me different places
Travel far and deep inside
Make me wear the happiest of faces
While at the same time able to bring a tear 
to my eye.
And if you don’t see the beauty in that
I wonder do you really see and feel love
For that’s exactly the feelings, places, and faces
That love brings and gives to us.
It shines light on our dark parts
Tells us there is beauty in our pain
And no matter how much we think we’re different
We’re much more one in the same.
We’re all in this together
We’re all just drifting in the breeze
Feeling pain in search of pleasure
And things that make us feel at ease.
I see it in a friend’s smile
And I feel it in these beats and notes
And it’s things enacted, made, or born in love
That are the things that help us cope.
I’m just listening to Four Tet 4T Recordings
As I finish these last lines
And I feel my soul tingle
As these notes mingle and travel up my spine.
We’re all in this together
We’re all just drifting in the breeze
And in this music I find such pleasure
And my mind is given ease.
What you living for other?
What here is your aim?
I don’t really know mine either, but it 
feels a little clearer
When I hear Bicep playing Rain. 

© Daniel Breslin

Give It Your Heart

Life is brief
And it sure can be hard
But if I had one bit of advice
I’d say, ‘give it your heart’.

There will be pain
There will be tears
Things will change
And with that comes changing fears.

Your heart will get broken
And you’ll break hearts too
That’s what happens to hearts
Who are brave enough to
Put their heart out there
For another to be seen
Or bare their cares
In pursuit of a dream.

Who give themselves to hope
Who give themselves to love
Yes, your heart will get broke
And that can be a dark road.

But each time your heart breaks
You’re learning something too
Where your passions lie
And who has feelings for you.

What you want to put yourself in
What’s calling to your soul
Who or what puts a spark in
Your heart and makes it whole.

You are searching for connection
With others and this world
There are times for your heart’s protection
But other times it needs to be hurled.

Into this world and its madness
Into others and their dreams
Yes, there will be sadness
But it is our feelings that separate us from machines.

When your heart gets broke
Yes, let it heal
But never lose hope
In the much bigger deal
Between you and this life
And what to you is real
And what for you is right
Learning to trust what you feel.

Don’t get too disheartened
As you walk through pain
For pain is just a feeling
Present in growth and change.

Each time your heart breaks
It’s teaching you deeper love
Maybe you’d too many fears
Maybe you couldn’t fully trust.

Maybe it’s on them
But maybe it’s something in you
Heartbreaks are guide posts my friend
Calling you toward deeper love too.

Toward deeper connection with yourself
Toward deeper connection with this world
And that life is not just about success
But learning to love in its twist and turns.

Learning to know yourself
To love yourself deeper too
Learning to love the journey
And to love others journeys too.

I try put my heart in everything I do
That’s how, I, choose to live
And I’ve felt my heart break as things fell through
But that’s just teaching me where to give.

Heartbreak teaches you to love better
It teaches you to love more
And I will love again
There’s nothing more sure.

Give your heart to this world
I don’t think there’s any other way
Make your feelings known
And in your feelings, feel okay.

Rejoice in sharing your feelings
Feel okay when those feelings aren’t shared
We’re all on a journey of discovery
For which none of us are really prepared.

Know others have their fears too
Their own experiences of this world
And they might be scared too
Of the heart that you’ve hurled
But that shouldn’t prevent you
Remaining true to what you feel
And heartbreak tells you
Your feelings are very real.

Learning how you manage them
Therein lies the key
And in every heartbreak I’ve experienced
That’s been the learning for me.

If you can dance in the rain
Believing better days will come
Maintain hope in pain
Then I’d like to see you when there’s sun.

Yes, you will get hurt
But above all, you’ll really feel
And heartbreak just comes with the turf
In the search for something real.

Life is brief
And it will leave you scarred
But if I’d one bit of advice
I’d say, ‘give it, give it your heart’.

© Daniel Breslin

Tonight We Dance

Tonight we dance
Tonight we laugh
Tonight we advance
From the past.

Imagine that
On twinkle toes
That we dance away
From misery and woes.

One more beat
One more move
I hear it sweet
I’ve nout to lose.

Only solemn thoughts
And shadow days
I hear that beat
I’m on my way.

What’s that you say?
You want to dance with me?
Then let us dance together
In synchrony, in sympathy?

So sim-p-ly
We move in step
To the symphony
I lose myself.

I lose the weights
I lose my thoughts
In the music’s depth
I get lost.

I rise above
From smaller mind
I fall in love
With a moment in time.

This moment is mine
Its future too
Music hits my spine
And I move anew.

You’re moving too
You move at pace
My spirit lifts
In line with bass.

Look at us
Mere dancing fools
Placing trust
In the composer’s rules.

Where we express ourselves
In our own way
While still giving ourselves
To the music at play.

Can’t always dictate where we go
If we’re to stay in time with the beat
It’s a balance and flow
I’m only happy to keep.

I’ll keep it tonight
I’ll treasure this time
For tonight is ours
And tonight is mine.

Tonight we shine
Tonight we feast
Tonight my mind
Dines with the beat.

I feel a rush
Music comes in waves
Tonight’s for us
Tonight’s to be saved.

The music speaks
The rhythm seeps through
There’s a freedom we meet
In the way that we move.

Tonight we dance
Tonight we laugh
Tonight we advance
From the chains of the past.

Tonight we shine
Tonight we feast
Tonight our minds
Dine with the beat.

© Daniel Breslin

Dancing Out Of Darkness

I’m just dancing out of darkness
Moving toward the light
Trying to put my heart in
Something other than a fight.

I’m just dancing out of hardship
Dancing from the pain
Trying to find joy
In something other than the rain.

For I’ve been dancing in the rain
For what feels a long time
And I’m just dancing out my pain
Trying to clear my mind.

And I’m just trying to clear some space
Fill it up with something new
To give happiness a taste
See where it takes me to.

I’m just trying to let loose my baggage
Leave a little of my past behind
Attack my future like a savage
See what I can find.

I’m just allowing in love
Giving a little of it to my self
For a lot of things ain’t been too good
But I believe that’s something I’m free to help.

I’m just allowing in the moment
I’m allowing in the light
Defeating my biggest opponent
Putting some onus on delight.

Focusing on myself
A little more every day
And I ain’t looking for no one’s help
But I’ll be taking what comes my way.

I’m just dancing out of hardship
Giving myself a little respite
For of course we can’t escape our hardship
So right now, I’m just enjoying the light in sight.

I’m just dancing toward different targets
And my feet are feeling a little light
Hoping they’ve danced some of their hardest
For in their movement something’s starting to feel right.

I’m just dancing out of darkness
Moving toward the light
Taking it step by step
Enjoying this point of life.

© Daniel Breslin