Destination Unknown

Sometimes I just go driving
Destination unknown
Just to clear my mind
As I drive away from home.

I put on some subtle tracks
For me Einaudi is the King
And I become so relaxed
As peace comes on his strings.

The world around me can get so manic
In ways hard to describe
As people act in such peculiar antics
I just want to drive.

Kind of picky about my company
At those particular times
Don’t get me wrong it might be lovely
But the right one can be hard to find.

And I just want to drown out the noise
Sometimes even just that in my own head
So I go out and drive
Listen to Einaudi instead.

And I look up at the stars
And I look up at the skies
And I think of my future
And I think of my ties.

I go out driving
Destination unknown
And I let space widen
The realms that I call home.

© Daniel Breslin