Do You Believe?

‘Do you believe in love?’, he said
‘Yeah man, I do’
He nearly laughed off his head
Like I’m a damn fool.

Love is a choice you see
So at me go ahead have your fun
I listen to the voice in me
That don’t mean I’m dumb.

I can act selfishly
Can easily think of just number one
Sometimes that’s even just how I be
When I’m enjoying my freedom.

But I can act differently
And that’s because of love son
Rare times I find someone I love as much as me
But I’ve a little love for everyone.

I know there’s love you see
For I’ve felt it deep inside
And it’s made a damn fool of me
As for it, I’ve even sacrificed my pride.

Now I’ve had a lot of good things happen to me
Because of love I’ve gave
And I’ve had some bad things happen to me
When others aren’t as brave.

But I know there’s love you see
For I give it everyday
That’s just the choice I’ve made for me
Seems you’ve made yours too, and that’s okay.

© Daniel Breslin