Feed Your Soul

Everybody needs their comforts
Everybody needs that little help
Everybody needs a lover
Everybody needs somebody other than self.

We all need that bit of affection
That warmth of human touch
To offer our souls protection
When this world gets a little much.

We all need that bit of tenderness
When this world is feeling cold
The warmth of anothers kindness
To give us youth when we’re feeling old.

We all need that little something
That something something good
You can call it what you like
Me, I call it love.

Now you can go at the world
Attack it like a machine
Pretend that you don’t care
About your soul or about your dreams.

And you can go ahead
As your walking tall
Say you do it by yourself
And to hell to hell with them all.

But to me that’s just a lie
A lie time never fails to prove
And if you’re not true to your inside
It’s what’s inside that you lose.

And you will have this exterior
Gradually looking ever more fake
One day you may look back on your time
Feeling that time had so much waste.

So go out and feed your soul
You go fill it up with love
And when it comes your time to go
At least your soul be feeling good.

This world can treat you cold enough
Don’t you start acting cold too
We all need other souls to touch
That’s what gets our souls through.

So you go do your thing
First be true to you in what you do
But if you start feeling like too much machine
Ask yourself, is there someone or something, better out there for you?

© Daniel Breslin