Don’t You Ever Quit

As long as you exist
Don’t you ever quit
Your dreams are legit
Don’t let them take the life from it.

Believe in yourself
Reach for your goals
And when you fall, recoup
Breathe strength back in your soul.

Don’t burn yourself out
Got to know when to take a break
That let’s us find out what we’re about
To quit is the real mistake.

Your dreams may change
You can change along with them
But if they stay the same
Still keep them in your vision.

Every dream you chase
And every path you walk
Never deem a waste
If you use as food for thought.

People can quit on you
You can quit on them
But if you quit on you then too
Then most everyone’s quit my friend.

So don’t you ever quit
This life right now is it
Your feelings are legit
So feel free in it.

For nothing feels as good
As when you are working toward something
That’s why we love love
And we hate working for nothing.

When you’re knee deep in the shit?
Still, don’t you ever quit
It’s your right, this life is it
Don’t let them take the light from it.

Find some strength in your pit
Resist and persist
Opinions aren’t worth shit
When you never quit.

© Daniel Breslin