Can’t Fight, Can’t Hurry

You can’t fight or hurry love
That’s something I’m only really learning
To do so, goes against your own good
Becomes something you can end up burning.

It’s not a fight
Where one has victory
It is not something
You control.

It is a light
That burns out misery
But needs two loving
Willing souls.

It is a torch
To be carried wisely
A flame
To be fed with care.

It is a force
One that guides me
Though I must admit
I know not where.

It is something
That breathes youth
It is something
That gives hope.

It can be tender
Or a brute
On the road.

Don’t always cross
At the right times.

And it is as much
A meeting of hearts
As it is
A meeting of minds.

But if you can’t fight it
And you can’t hurry
Enjoy ‘life’, for ‘it’
And don’t worry.

Can’t fight
Can’t hurry
Enjoy your life
Try not to worry.

© Daniel Breslin