In The Ashes

I’ve been feeling tired
Little scared too
A lot of things ain’t been working out
The way I wanted them too.

But I’m finding in the ashes
The greatest strengths of myself
And I just got a slice of luck
That’s come as a much welcome help.

Now I kept some little hopes for love
Somewhere buried in my core
A lot longer than I should
Suppose that’s what they call me stubborn for.

So I be burning them
Hopes of churning them to something more
Right now it’s just me, paper, mind and pen
And a thirst to explore.

My head’s a little clearer
My heart’s free of restraints
Freedom is edging nearer
And I’ve a blank canvas to paint.

Something’s buzzing in my soul
Thoughts dancing in my mind
We must accept what we can’t control
Leave the past behind.

So I be moving forward
With a new found spring in my step
Few ideas what I’m moving toward
But right about now, I’m just loving every breath.

© Daniel Breslin