Listen To Your Heart

Listen to your heart
Wherever it will take you
Sometimes it will make you
Sometimes it will break you.

Still listen to your heart
Don’t you ever hesitate to
Lover knocks you back
Don’t sit around wasteful.

Think of that person
That be throwing you them smiles
Ask them their name
See how that flies.

If your job lays you off
Like you don’t mean shit
As you shake the pain off
Find what makes you itch.

Lover wants you back
Let them come and chase you
Life is half chance
You gotta dance when it shakes you.

Look at the world
Everyday is a blessing
I view it as a beautiful girl
I’m romantically undressing.

Listen to your heart
Don’t you ever hesitate to
Life is but a dream
For it remain ever grateful.

Don’t sit around wishing
Get your ass to doing
The Earth is spinning never sitting
We gotsta keep on moving.

© Daniel Breslin