Long Lost Brother

We were taken from each other
When we needed each other most
You my long lost brother
I always feel your ghost
I feel you day and night you see
I see you in my dreams
I won’t let you slip away from me
I just don’t have the strength or means.

My mind sometimes replays the past
And it would be too much to bare
If my mind knew that when it came back
You would not be there.
So I keep you with me you see
Even if I can not see you
For it would be too hard for me
If I believed you were through.

You meant so much to me you see
I believed so much in you
So you must forgive my greed, please
For I can’t let you leave, that just wouldn’t do.
You are my long lost brother
And I feel you night and day
And I hope like many others
You hear me when I pray.

For I’ve so much left to say to you
So much time that slipped away
So please if you do not mind
Stay a little while longer with me.
I just appreciate your time
There’s no need for you to speak
And if you should see my smile
Replaced by a tear on my cheek.

If you would then be so kind
To ignore my moment of weep
It’s just now and then, like now dear friend
My mind sees that I’m a cheat.
Though it stops right there
Before despair
Cause this is one game
It doesn’t want to beat.

You are my long lost brother
And you mean so much to me
We can’t be taken from each other
For now you see, I can’t let that be.
You have my heart, so you can’t depart
Or I may cease to be
So please if you would be so kind
Spend a little more time with me.

And I’ll do my most
To please your ghost
To make sure I don’t weep
My brother, my friend
It can’t be the end
For you mean everything to me.

© Daniel Breslin