My Loss

My loss
Is his gain
His joy
Is my pain.

But her joy
Was my aim
So I hope that joy
Will remain.

The pain and sadness
I feel
I hope
Time will heal.

And I hope
The future for her
Is the one
She deserves.

For deserve it
She does
I wish her
Nothing but love.

I’ve made
My mistakes
Change has come
Too little, too late.

And I won’t make
More excuses
They only add
To the bruises.

As her heart’s
Made its choice
I must quiet
My voice.

And hope
The future for me
Brings something
I don’t yet see.

My loss
Is my pain
I’ll not wish her
The same.

I wish,
Her the success
She deserves
In excess.

And I must switch
My focus to me
And other hopes
I wish be.

For there’s so much
I still deserve
Even if I can’t
Build it with her.

I’ll use
This pain that I feel
To be ever
More real.

For in this new
Loss of hope
All I can do
Is seek growth.

I let go with grace
I got no room for hate
Got closure to my face
So I can move on at my pace.

I'll be building my world
One day at a time
I've been trying to build others
But now I'm back building mine.

© Daniel Breslin