Nice Guys Finish Last

Ooh you better watch your ass
Don’t you know that nice guys finish last

They say the minute
You tell her you love her
Is the minute
She’ll look for another
The minute she feels sure
The relationship is secure
Is the minute you lose your allure
And you’ll be left to rot in the sewer
The minute she feels adored
Is the minute she’ll start getting bored
You offer safety so she can afford
To go out and be explored
They say it’s a game
When she wins your affection
She switches the game
In another direction
You still remain
For you offer protection
Still in the frame
Cause you’ve got a connection
But the connection keeps fading
While she’s escapading
All the while masquerading
In the love your bathing her in
You’re trying your hardest
to believe its’ not true
She use’s your ears as verbal targets
You let her words obscure your view
They say love is blind
We don’t see what others see
So if you’re wise let others words echo your mind
To at least a small degree.

Oooh you better watch your ass
Don’t you know nice guys finish last.

© Daniel Breslin