Wanna Write, Might Ignite

I wanna write something
I wanna light something
I wanna fight something
I might ignite something
If I find the right button
I might just push something
I hear a hush sudden
I feel a rush coming
Some say I’m good for nothing
Just like words ain’t good for nothing
If you say them and do nothing
Then they don’t count for nothing
But I want to amount to something
If there is something to mount I’m jumping
I’m ready to flounce i’m rushing
My hearts ready to bounce no cushion
I’m pumping it out I’m flushing
Away all the doubts they’re gushing
Leaving, heaving the mutton
Now I’m heaving like I’m breathing in nothing
Lungs squeezing pushing and sucking
Pleading to suck onto something
But they are not easing nothing is coming
Though they’re not conceding no towel to throw in
They keep heaving knowing something will blow in

Some speak of optimism
Some reek of pessimism
Some deep in cynicism
Some heap the criticism
It’s a prison they’re building
So true wisdom doesn’t listen
For if it listen could end up with them
Don’t be a victim let it fuel your system
All thats written is the past
And time be ticking fast
So don’t listen let them pass
Just dismiss them let them hear you laugh
Let the laugh come from chuckle
Pull the slacks up fast the buckle
Dash past that crass knuckle
They talk trash trying to scuttle
Flash your ass in your rebuttal
It’s them who harassed so need to be subtle.
Believe in yourself
Leave everyone else to speak for themselves.
I feel a hush sudden
I feel a rush coming
I wanna write something
Might just ignite something.

© Daniel Breslin