She Got Me

She got me
Don’t know how the hell she caught me
Might be something to do with the fact she’s naughty
Won’t even go in to the things she taught me
But there is something more
There’s something pure
i’m not so sure
But she seems to cure
Me from a lot of stresses
I love seeing her scrambling through the presses
Getting in and out of dresses
Looking for something to impress us
So much energy she applies
To looking easy on the eyes
So it comes as no surprise
She gets attention off a load of guys
But there is no tension no jealous eyes
Between us there’s no lies
I have eyes only for her
When she’s in a room other girls become a blur
She’s appreciated
And so i’m dedicated
To walking that line
Not breaking that bind
To great a trust
To break for lust
In a relationship that’s a must
Or that relationships heading for dust
And I don’t want this love to perish
Cause I’ve found a love to cherish
And as I want to keep her heart
Don’t want to be the one to spoil
Not going to be the reason we drift apart
So me i’m staying loyal.

Though sometimes it’s tough
It ain’t always rosie
We do hit the rough
Her loves enough to push
All thoughts of straying out my mind
All thoughts on staying this one’s a find
All though sometimes she gets a little jealous
That’s something I’ve grown to relish
Cause it lets me know she cares
And she’s not one to go and rare
And overbare
When everybody’s there
She just has her little signs
This love wasn’t built on brittle vines
And reassuring her always brings good times
So it’s fair to say I don’t really mind
And I’m not going to lie to her
In me jealousy does occur
When fellas be surrounding her
Tongues out hounding her
But we sound it out and drown it out
When we clown about
Tongue down her mouth
Playing between the sheets
I’m saying she’s for keeps
We been relaying that shit for weeks
No betraying we’re not cheats
I believe her she believes me
If I deceive her she’d leave me
No need to shake hands on this pact
We just plan on keeping it intact
So we just laugh and stand back
When others attract
We never react.

© Daniel Breslin