Something Better

I believe in something better
Though this pressure is getting the better of me
As I become a stereotype to the letter
Becoming the reason I’ll never be free

I’m beginning to see so clearly
All the things I must push from me
Some of these things I cling to dearly
Though strangely they are not dear to me

Life can be a puzzle
Sometimes nothing more puzzling than yourself
As you constantly stumble into trouble
Ignoring those who may offer help.

You see a picture so different
From those who love you see
So you refuse to listen
Forever slipping from who you could be

As I betray my innocence
Surrendering little parts of me
Through ignorance and insolence
Becoming the fool I never thought to see

It can be bewildering and chilling
How we act out the flaws we hate to see
When seen in others we dismiss them willingly
Never imagining those flaws reside in thee.

© Daniel Breslin