She Labeled Me

She labeled me a lads lad
My past was unable to deny that
So I tabled my heart and my futures right path
She said maybe well intended, but may be mere fables despite that.

I adored her she knew my stance
Though there was no going forward with this romance
She couldn’t afford to take the chance
On mere words when her heart’s in the balance.

Weighed heavy on heart and soul
Wanted a bigger part, it was beyond my control
I couldn’t even start the role
For her heart had become guarded, had a different goal.

So I drew back, drew my breath
Had to believe that, she knew best
Her heart is true and I love it no less
In fact my love grew, if I were to confess.

Heart feels battered, that’s for sure
Ripped and tattered, no foreseeable cure
I’m tired shattered, but I will endure
For her happiness matters, to me much more.

© Daniel Breslin