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Something Undeniable

Looking for something reliable
Something I can hold
Something undeniable
That doesn’t leave me feeling cold.
Looking for connection
With someone connected to me
Looking for affection
The kind I can feel or see. 
Looking for another
That doesn’t make me feel alone
Looking for the other 
To make this world a home.
There’s love in communication 
And that’s what I really need
I’m searching for a deeper stimulation
Something more for me.
I’ve spent a lot of time 
Meeting others needs
And I have a little hurt and anger
In how others have treated me. 
I have an anger with myself
In my needs and how I express them
Still learning in the loss
For in every loss a lesson.
I have an anger at myself
For actions, made in pain
But I show compassion to myself
For I sure can’t shoulder all the blame.
I have a sense of grief 
In how I might have made others feel
As I struggled for some peace and relief 
From the depth of pain I was facing, in my efforts to heal.
I have a sense of loss 
In the things that weren’t there for me
The things I couldn’t get across
The things others maybe didn’t see.
Pain can cloud your mind
Pain can cloud your vision
But pain must be given its time
If we are to really connect with the life we’re living. 
Nothing is resolved
Few things in this life are sure
But as I try to problem solve
Something deeper, feels, the only cure.
Every day’s a step
In the right direction
Where I grow, knowing a little less
In my journey, toward love and affection. 

© Daniel Breslin

She’s Young And In Control

She’s young and in control
Little more fashion than soul
Got her eyes fixed on a goal
Lot of guys want to play a role.

She can take them or leave them
She’s young she doesn’t need them
She’s content enjoying her freedom
It’s the very essence of her reason.

She’s got focus she knows what she wants
Won’t be noticed in local haunts
She’s got a body one she flaunts
And it helps achieve those wants.

But she won’t be tied down
Fall in love then you’re a clown
There’s more than a few around
Walking wounded all over town.

The girl knows how to dress
And only ever does to impress
She’s obsessed on being a success
Get in her way she’s coming off best.

She’s such a vibrant pretty thing
And everything in her life’s a fling
That’s the kind of feeling she bring
Enters a room, commands all within.

Eyes are fixed from both the sexes
Women envy, men become restless
She’s desire cloaked in dresses
Some perspire from mere caresses.

Men are so willing to give
For just the promise of a taste
She gives reason for some to live
But she’s always on the take.

Beware of the pain if you enter the game
Because for many, the pain is too great
When she takes their offers empties their coffers
And progresses from them post haste.

© Daniel Breslin

That’s How It Is

Now she’s been his
Since they were kids
Don’t speak on this
That’s how it is.
But they’re growing up
And things are changing
He sees it all
But he’s not complaining
He keeps it in
As they creep in
Hopes she keeps him
She’s developing
As they take notice
He keeps his focus
But it’s hard to hold it
When you can’t control it
Many souls destroyed
By older boys
Their better toys
And pressured ploys.
But she’s his jewel
But is he her fool
When seen at school
Maybe they seem cool
It’s youths burden
This thing called learning
Hormones yearning
As they itch to further
But she’s been his
Since they were kids
Don’t speak on this
That’s how it is.

© Daniel Breslin

Selfish Love

I love her in a selfish way
Is there any other I don’t know
I love her in a helpless way
For her love is not mine to control.

Surely it isn’t healthy
To love as I do
When she can just empty me
And leave when she is through.

I love her, I know it
That’s honest, I feel it undeniably true
But do we only love
As long as that love is serving you.

Would I love her if she hated me
If she wasn’t as beautiful too
What love is frustrates me
For I feel it, but see the stupidity of it too.

© Daniel Breslin

Making Memories

Taking a trip
Destination unknown
Two souls man the ship
So they don’t travel alone.

The waters will get fierce
The winds will blow hard
There is sure to be tears
There is bound to be scars.

There is a chance the ship will sink
Known yet still set sail
Not on those thoughts do they like to think
More on the highs upon the trail.

Taking up the anchor
They give rise to chance
Knowing it’s better to fight the weather together
As they sail beneath the skies, upon the sea of high romance.

© Daniel Breslin

She Labeled Me

She labeled me a lads lad
My past was unable to deny that
So I tabled my heart and my futures right path
She said maybe well intended, but may be mere fables despite that.

I adored her she knew my stance
Though there was no going forward with this romance
She couldn’t afford to take the chance
On mere words when her heart’s in the balance.

Weighed heavy on heart and soul
Wanted a bigger part, it was beyond my control
I couldn’t even start the role
For her heart had become guarded, had a different goal.

So I drew back, drew my breath
Had to believe that, she knew best
Her heart is true and I love it no less
In fact my love grew, if I were to confess.

Heart feels battered, that’s for sure
Ripped and tattered, no foreseeable cure
I’m tired shattered, but I will endure
For her happiness matters, to me much more.

© Daniel Breslin