Slow To The Quick

If you are feeling lonely
And you’ve got heavy things on your mind
Be slow to rush to the quick fix
They detract, the good things in life take time.

That’s advice that can be hard to follow
I’ve often ignored it myself
For some things hurt so much, are so hard to swallow
We’d do anything to just feel some help.

For when you are walking through darkness
And you are trying to fight for light
It’s easy to lose sight of your targets
And hit the ones for you aren’t right.

When this life is darkest
And peace in heart is hard to find
That’s when we must work hardest
To find our peace in mind.

If you let the wrong people around you
When you are fighting for your mind
They can use words to surround you
Target weak spots they find.

Find happiness where you can
You’ve a right to look after you
But if that happiness feels like a scam
You’ve got to trust your feelings too.

For what happens in the quick
For me usually ends mistakes
And in my experience though brief be it
It takes time to find or create great.

Beware when you rush to the quick fix
Beware when there of the people you find
For what feels good and may heal a little bit
In a road that’s long, may be wasted time.

When you are feeling lonely
And you’ve got heavy things on your mind
It is then we are better to take things slowly
And though that feels harder, I feel real happiness a little easier to find.

© Daniel Breslin