The Real In You

Just give me something good
Something I can feel
Keep your cheap buzz
I want something real.

You can keep your stars and lights
I want what’s real in life
Never been one for hype
I like the simple life.

Not afraid to take to the stage
But the simple life is all I’ve ever really craved
Give me a good heart and laughter in my days
And this man right here will be made.

I get tired of the noise
Don’t you ever tire of it too?
All these shiny fake decoys
What’s real here or true?

They keep blurring all the lines
Till we’re just walking credit cards
When those cards run out of dimes
They’re cards they’d soon discard.

This world tries make you fear your body
Shows little care for your soul
Seems to tell you you’re worth nothing
Unless financial worth’s within your control.

It kicks and mocks your heart
Rewarding the shiny gloss
As people feel insufficent
And in their insecurities get lost.

Don’t let it make you bow down
Take your worth, beat your insides dead
When nothing’s working out none
Work on the in and keep your head.

This world will mock, spit, and curse you
Even at times you feel you’re flying ahead
Don’t let this stop, split, or worse do
Try keep a little faith in yourself instead.

Gain value in your own self
By how you face each challenge new
For we must keep value in our own self
In a world so quick to devalue you.

Don’t let this world drown you out
Make you forget your very self
Make you insecure in what you’re about
Have you acting like someone else.

This world will cloud your dreams
So much fog to blur our view
Right and left beat your esteem
Have you scared to just be you.

You don’t let them in your head
Don’t let them tell you what you ain’t
They might act like they know it all
But ain’t a sinner here a saint.

Don’t let them tell you what you’re not
You go out and show them what you are
And when they kick and knock you back
You work on the short to get to the far.

You embrace the hand you’re given
For it’ll surely get worse if you don’t
Embrace the fact you’re still living
For many with the same hand won’t.

Make the best of what you’ve got
Even when you feel so far behind
I know how hard can be some shots
You find it hard to just keep your mind.

But you raise your weary head
And try keep it held high
Let the noise fall dead
And your soul fly high.

Don’t let this world drown you out
Make you feel like you don’t matter
Fill you full of doubt
Till you feel you’re just an actor.

Lost to glitz and glamour
A slave to their parade
Don’t be quick to the false enamour
Of that well made charade.

Find what’s real in you
And the real will find you too
Put some feeling in what you do
And this world will start feeling you.

© Daniel Breslin