Spitting On The Real

The world seems to value
Those who don’t care or don’t feel
Keep applauding on the fake
Spitting on the real.

But the real is rising up
I can feel it in my bones
People have had about enough
Of these fickle mental zones.

Screaming out for something more
They’re dying deep inside
There is something in their core
Sick to death of lies.

Might not fully know how to express it
Everybody has so much invested
But their patience is being tested
Lies, becoming much harder digested.

People, man, they’re restless
Up to the neck with stresses
It’s debt this, to get this
Till deaths kiss, leaves them breathless, without shit?

Without a pot to piss?
Is there a joke that we all missed?
Fucking right they’re pissed.

Water charges, sea levels and rents rising
Wages near stagnant or decreasing
People out struggling and striving
Damn near begging for something decent.

I see many interns not drawing much
But damn near spilling blood
Just to get a little bit ahead
In some field they love.

It can be hard running a business
Corporate interests eat that up
Strangled by rules and regulations
Unless you’re big enough.

People looking at their kids
Something wrenches in their gut
It’s hard enough these days to live
What’s next for these pups?

People looking at the skies
For some saviour to come
But the only saviour here is what you do with what you feel
When you look in the eyes of your daughters and sons.

One of the few things to give you hope
Is what Apollo House did
Some people snatched some power back
So a few, could just have some dignity in how they live.

They shut that down too
They don’t want no shining lights
They don’t want people to have a voice
When they’re taking from their rights.

Kick you out on the streets
Damn near spit on you if they could
If you ain’t got no money
Then it can be hard getting some love.

Everything’s a transaction
Ain’t much these days come free
People charge you to spend your money?
And you’ve to pay to watch ads on tv?

People working double shifts
Or shifting where they live
Like that stuff should ever be normal
But we’re meant to accept it like it is.

Sometimes I wonder
What it is our people fought for?
When so many of our people suffering
Trying to keep their heads above water.

They say, ‘Stand for something,
Or, fall for anything’
Well, I think that we’ve been falling
For longer than I can care remembering.

Maybe that’s not how it is
But I call things as I see
And what the world keeps calling a recovery
Looks more like robbery to me.

They say, ‘Stand for something,
Or, fall for anything’
Well, I think that we’ve been falling
For longer than I can care remembering.

© Daniel Breslin