Stubborn Sort

I’ve been searching for some peace
Know one place that I might find it
But every time I try and go
I am beaten back reminded.

That that’s no place for me
I’m not welcome there
My peace lies somewhere else
So I must get elsewhere.

Been dealing with so many cuts
Living with so many open wounds
That every time I pluck up the guts
By these hits I’m all consumed.

Been trying to open up to others
Cause at times I could really use the support
But when it comes to the heart and lovers
I’m an infuriatingly stubborn sort.

Now I like to think I’m bright or smart
But sometimes I’m so damn dim
As these blows hit so damn hard
Yet I keep running in.

Can be done in such a cold like manner
I find it hard to understand it
You’d swear I was running in with hammer
But I’m coming with heart open handed.

Maybe for some that’s the scariest thing of all
I like to think it sounds worse than it is
Loving, should be a ball
But who am I to tell someone else how to live?

I live my life for me
Of course she can live her life for her
Just she stirs something within me
That doesn’t usually occur.

Now I might call it love
But I’m really not sure what it is
It just makes me feel young
And like there is so much more life to live.

I might not be as good at ‘love’
As I might sometimes claim I am
But at losing it I seem pretty good
Yes Sir, I surely am.

© Daniel Breslin