Toughen Up, Make Luck

I just want a little peace
I just want a little luck
Seen those I love fall apart piece by piece
I get tired of being tough.

But I ain’t no sob story
So I’m a toughen up
There’s many after and before me
Who’ve had or will have things even worse.

Just get tired of watching pressures pile
Smiling keeping strong
Giving those I love all I could
And still seeing them go wrong.

Like I ain’t got no feelings
Think I’ll always just be there
To pick up all the pieces
You scatter everywhere.

No one can keep giving
To those who only take
We’ve all got lives to be living
While all some want to do is break.

You go break away
I’m a break away too
You go break yourself
I’m a make something new.

World is a tough beast
So I’m a refresh and toughen up
Go and find my own peace
Go out and make my own luck.

© Daniel Breslin