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Take A Breath

I go through life
Hurtling at great speeds
I go through life
And life goes through me.
I don’t know,
Where each experience leads
But when it’s getting too much
I just remind myself, to breathe.
Most often things don’t go
The way we want them to
But in that lies the making of the soul
The making of you.
In how you deal with your defeats
How you react when you’re deflated
For life ain’t always sweet
It’ll cheat you, beat you and frustrate you.
But in that remember those who made ya
And remember you’re a child
And it’s alright to lose your way kid
It’s alright to go a little wild.
In fact it’s often those who lose their way
Know the right road when they take it
For they’ve walked paths that have gone astray
And know risk,loss,and what real heartbreak is.
Some people keep themselves in check
Always play it safe
Till they get close to death
And see a lot of waste.
So when you’re feeling quite upset
And you’re getting sick of your mistakes
Why don’t you go out and take a breath
Try feel a little thanks for what’s in place.
Take a look at those who are near you
Who care for you now
And try let loose a little fear from you
BELIEVE! It will all work out somehow.
Things don’t happen for a reason
But you must find your reason in the happening
It’s alright to take some timeout, soul search,
breathe in
Exhale, for eventually we must get back to acting.
This life is where it’s at
Being alive is all there is
So don’t put too much pressure on yourself
There’s enough of that, take a breath, exhale,
Make mistakes
Take a break
Take a breath
Feel the weight
Take a break
Take a breath
Feel upset
Take a break
Take a breath
Accept your place
Feel some thanks
Take a breath
Take your time
Calm your mind
Take a breath
Let go
What you can’t control
Take a breath
Meet what’s inside
When you need to, cry
Take a breath
And when your self has been met
Take a step
Take a breath

© Daniel Breslin