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Don’t Give Up Son

Don’t give up son
I know that you are tired
Them emotions come bubbling up some
Leave your brain feeling rewired.
We can go to awful despair
When we feel our feelings aren’t cared for
Or we try to summon up the words for feelings
That for us were never really there for.
It can take some life from you
When they all come together at once
Or people demand from you
Like you can never give enough.
Don’t give up son
I know that you are tired
Them emotions come bubbling up some
Leave your brain feeling rewired.
The things that you plough through
Sometimes they plough through you
You’re not failing any test
On the times you are not at your best.
You have a lot on your plate
There is a lot of good that you do
It’s alright if you’re not feeling great
I wish I could have been there more for you.
Don’t give up son
On those days that you are tired
You need to open up some
Even if it’s not with the one that you desired.
You need to let life in son
You’ve spent far too long alone
And I know in your heart you think you’ve found the woman
But that woman has said that she’s gone. 
You need to start living your life son
In a more caring, deeper way
Where the love that you give out
Is there for you in a similar way. 
Don’t give up son
You are heading in many good directions
And I know for you son
This has been one of your hardest lessons.
You never quit easy
I’ve always noticed that in you
And when you get your teeth in a thing
You like to see that thing through. 
You’ve handled a lot of loss
I’m pretty proud of the way you handled mine
And if there’s a spirit world
Know mine was with you at the time.
We can decide what we let in
And we can decide what we cut out
When we are strong enough
To see clearer through our doubts.
To do that we drink them in
We let them fill us whole
And we blow out the ones
That don’t align with our soul.
Don’t give up son
Today you are just feeling tired
Coming to the end of a long run
Of not really meeting your needs or desires.
Don’t give up son
For what looks like a painful end
Can be the beautiful start for some
In which open hearts mend. 
And the more you open yours
The more I’m sure that pain will ease
The fact the woman that you love, is loving someone else
Is something time will just unfortunately have to tease. 
You need to let some others care for you
For precious is our time
And you’re in need of love
And you never got enough of mine. 
Things don’t always work out
I’m the living dead proof
But everyday of life
Is an extra day of youth.
Don’t give up son
I know that you are tired
Them emotions come bubbling up some
Leave your brain feeling rewired.
Life is full of pressure
But precious does life be
And though I’m not there to say it
‘Son, you were always precious to me.’
Don’t give up son
You just going through incremental change
And I never knew change 
That wasn’t laced with pain.
You’re just re-walking your hell
Learning what served you well
Cracking open that protective shell
And drinking in the future’s smell.
Don’t give up son
Your heart is just reopening
And in order to do that 
We need to look at what’s been broken in it.
Don’t give up son
For never has that been you
You’re just breathing in your doubts
And breathing out what’s not for you.
Don’t give up son
For in life there is no smooth sea we sail upon
We battle against the tide 
We’re always going to get stuff wrong.
Don’t give up son
You just realign with the heart in you
You give that heart time
And you continue being you.
I’m proud of the man you are
I’m proud of the man I see
And every single man has to ask the same question
How much more can that man be? 
Don’t give up son 
For that’s not something that we do
But that’s just the man in me
Talking, to the man, I see, in you. 

© Daniel Breslin


 Heartbreak is a part of life
Ain’t that the honest truth
But don’t let it make you give up on love
For it is love that keeps our youth.
Don’t you ever settle
If someone’s not worth settling for
But neither get too unsettled
In a belief there’s always more.
Just be with the one who makes your heart tick
Makes it come alive
You’ll know it when you see it
Something just feels different inside.
Speak your damn truth
Show your damn heart
And if it doesn’t damn work
Make a new start.
If you love them
Let them know
If they don’t love you
Let them go.
Make the brave decisions
And when they don’t pay off
Be thankful for the life you’re living
And accept all risk comes at a cost.
And while it undoubtedly hurts
Maybe even feels like nothing could hurt worse
In reality what could possibly hurt worse?
Than never knowing if your love could of worked?
So speak your damn truth
Reveal your damn heart
And win or damn lose
It’s still the only move that’s smart.
Some say you’ve got to hide your love away
To hell with that crap
We’re all going out someday
But I ain’t going out like that.
Don’t leave room for regrets
That’s much worse than a cold hard no
Be brave with your heart
And you might just save your soul.
So many give up
Lose themselves in work and other things
But the heart must remain childlike
Do whatever makes it sing.
Keep love in your heart
And it will come again
It’s not a matter of if
I believe it’s just a matter of when.
Never quit on your love
Until your love quits on you
And you’ll leave this world good
No matter what comes through.
I’ll go out looking a fool
The same way I came in
With love there is no cool
And it’s about much more than the win.
So when your love falls apart
Believe, it will come again
And if you can still keep love in your heart
Then you deserve love my friend.
So keep love in your heart
And speak your damn truth
And don’t ever quit on your love
Until your love quits on you.
Speak your damn truth
Reveal your damn heart
And win or damn lose
It’s still the only move that’s smart.
Some say you’ve got to hide your love away
We’re all going out someday
DON’T YOU DARE! Go out like that.

© Daniel Breslin

What’s The Story Glory?

I’m just driving in my city
Drinking in its sights and sounds
These sights and sounds uplift me
Whenever I’m feeling down.

See a couple with a bottle of whiskey
Sitting on powerscourt steps
With it they take a selfie quickly, making faces
And they laugh themselves to death.

I drive off less than swiftly
With a smile heavy set
It’s hard to know what in the moment hit me
But it hit me in my depth.

I look around me now
Eyes on people having fun
Music in the car kicks in
There’s been a lot of loss, but I'm not done.

Drive by a girl
Pouting, taking selfies
She doesn’t care
Who looks as they pass
And there’s something
In the way, she doesn’t care
Makes me only care
To laugh.

Today was a hard one
Had a few things tearing on my heart
And the way I deal with hard ones
Is drink them in, and plan new starts.

So I’m out looking for love and hope
Any way they will come
And today I got lucky
I’m in Dublin, in the Sun.

This is my city
It courses through my heart and veins
See someone on harder times than me,not all pretty
Find myself wondering his name?

When in his cup someone drops in money
And such a healthy smile back at them he aims
I move my eye back to the road
And feel more than my car switching lanes.

For where there’s life there’s hope
And we can still have gratitude in our pains
And I silently thank that bloke
For the memory my mind now claims.

There’s women lightly dressed
There’s smiles all around
There’s so much life and hope
When Sun shines on my hometown.

Drive down Kevin Street
There’s a group out drinking
Around a table, having chats
Beneath the flats.

Me, I get to thinking
Of my friends
Similar days gone
And how it’s hard to beat times like that
When you’re laughing
In the heat
Among people
Who’ve got your back.

Then I start to thinking about my needs
And how they’re not being met
The life I want to lead
And the life it now seems I need forget.

Maverick Sabre is singing Glory
Tells me keep my head up that I cope
And that song does so much for me
I cherish every word and note.

I put it on repeat and I go driving
Go climbing up them hills
Remind myself that I’m surviving
And it gives me strength of will.

I’m just looking at the blueprints
Redesigning my plans
About what to grip and what to loosen
And what’s actually within my hands.

I can’t live the lives of others
I can’t build a life on only hope
Heartbreak pulls away them covers
And silence treats me like a dope.

I accept the acts of others
Even if their acts don't make me feel good
And must find solace in the fact
I know my acts were out of love.

What’s the story glory?
There’ll be glory yet for me
Like I see in the lives of others
When Sun shines on my city.

I’m done with surviving
It’s thriving now I seek
Mind, soul and feeling
Are intertwining
While I’m driving
I think they’re aligning,
Could be something defining when they meet.

I rose up out of darkness
I rose up out of pain
I’ll rise up out of heartbreak
I rise and rise again.

What’s the story glory?
There’ll be glory yet for me
Like I see in the lives before me
When Sun shines on my city.

What’s the story glory?
There’ll be glory yet for me
Like I see in the lives before me
When Sun shines on my city.

© Daniel Breslin

Take A Breath

I go through life
Hurtling at great speeds
I go through life
And life goes through me.
I don’t know,
Where each experience leads
But when it’s getting too much
I just remind myself, to breathe.
Most often things don’t go
The way we want them to
But in that lies the making of the soul
The making of you.
In how you deal with your defeats
How you react when you’re deflated
For life ain’t always sweet
It’ll cheat you, beat you and frustrate you.
But in that remember those who made ya
And remember you’re a child
And it’s alright to lose your way kid
It’s alright to go a little wild.
In fact it’s often those who lose their way
Know the right road when they take it
For they’ve walked paths that have gone astray
And know risk,loss,and what real heartbreak is.
Some people keep themselves in check
Always play it safe
Till they get close to death
And see a lot of waste.
So when you’re feeling quite upset
And you’re getting sick of your mistakes
Why don’t you go out and take a breath
Try feel a little thanks for what’s in place.
Take a look at those who are near you
Who care for you now
And try let loose a little fear from you
BELIEVE! It will all work out somehow.
Things don’t happen for a reason
But you must find your reason in the happening
It’s alright to take some timeout, soul search,
breathe in
Exhale, for eventually we must get back to acting.
This life is where it’s at
Being alive is all there is
So don’t put too much pressure on yourself
There’s enough of that, take a breath, exhale,
Make mistakes
Take a break
Take a breath
Feel the weight
Take a break
Take a breath
Feel upset
Take a break
Take a breath
Accept your place
Feel some thanks
Take a breath
Take your time
Calm your mind
Take a breath
Let go
What you can’t control
Take a breath
Meet what’s inside
When you need to, cry
Take a breath
And when your self has been met
Take a step
Take a breath

© Daniel Breslin

Love And Hope

The ones who shine lights
The ones who give hope
The ones who give you tether
When you're at the end of your rope.

The ones who give support
The ones who give you strength
Who move with love as centre source
Good their overall intent.

The ones who lighten days
When your days need lightening up
The ones who clear the haze
When your view needs clearing up.

The ones who make sense of madness
Whose acts of kindness pull you through
Help you live and cope through sadness
Overcome, and approach this world anew.

The ones who live in love
Put a little love in all they do
They’re the ones who give my heart a buzz
And help create the world I want to view.

The ones who give you strength
When this world is feeling tough
Are the ones who seal my intent
Make it easier getting up.

I like to think I live and learn
From those who live in love and hope
They give me strength at every turn
Make it so much easier to cope.

Some say it’s the hope that kills you
But it’s always been hope that’s seen me through
So may you live in love and hope
And may others, find some of their hope in you.

© Daniel Breslin