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Ration Compassion

We ration
It’s all about fashion
And physical attraction
It ain’t what’s on the inside
It’s what’s on the out
If you’ve got that pretty face
No one cares what comes out your mouth
No one cares about your problems
We’ve got enough of our own
Just want that pretty face
To decorate the home
It’s all about
You see me?
On tv?
I look dreamy?
Want to be me?
That ain’t reality
Need some clarity
Buy some books
Stop giving crooks your charity
For looks, cheap hooks, vulgarity
Puppets for hilarity
Entertaining through superficiality
Weakening our mentality
It’s a Shakespearean tragedy
Echoed in every AD I see
And miss our favourite soaps?
What would we do then?
We’d be sitting around like dopes
What happened to wit?
And creativity?
Go out and start living see
TV breeds negativity
It’s an advertisement delivery
Selling the chains of misery
In the guise of positivity
Buy this product and you can live like me
Feel like me
Be like me
You must be fucking kidding me?
Is this something that my kid will see?
And never know no differently?
You must be fucking shitting me.

I’m rubbishing
What magazines are publishing
Have everyone running around with lack of nourishment
Preventing them from flourishing
Starving themselves
In body and in mind
To look and live like someone else
A look and life they’ll never find
Cause they got inside their heads
In living rooms and beds
The safe place that we call home
Has an enemy that goes unknown
A shiny little box
Cuter than any fox
Whispering insecurities and fears
Into our children’s ears
Instead of teaching kids to grow
Media’s often teaching them they’re on show
Limiting what they know
TV is gospel that much we know
Reality TV is like 24hour news
They decide what’s real, in choosing what they use.
They’re used for dumbing down
And appear to have done the trick
As people would rather post their food
Or pictures of their pouting lips
Than develop real life views
On anything resembling real shit.

We ration on compassion
Cause they have us scared of it
For the way the world is acting
In globalised transactions
Some done through military action
A public with too much compassion
And enough knowledge to ration
Might just start fucking asking
What the fuck is happening?
Should we be taking action?
Take everything in passing
You can almost hear them laughing
Cause someone’s fucking cashing in
They’ve got us in distractions
But from our interaction
From just commentary action
On even an individuals post of passion
On humanities greatest ever connecting public platform
Where they might have their eyes and tracks on
But money ain’t yet got the map on
Creates an awareness, that might lead to action
By getting others asking
Is there something wrong with this?
Am I really fucking powerless?
Does my opinion not count for shit?
Or is this the way it always is?
Is there somehow we can fix the shit?
Or am I just a piece of shit?
Cause media’s beasts
Make us feast on it.
So get yourself some peace from it.
Read books, explore, release from it
Watch a film I mean the decent shit
They’re usually less advertised when releasing it
And that’s the fucking least of it.
Save your damn mind
Save your damned soul
Life is about how you spend your time
And our time is getting harder and harder to control.
They fill us with so much noise
We work so many hours in the day
People come home soul destroyed
Why would they then?
Send compassion
Anyone else’s way?

© Daniel Breslin

The Get Go

Funny how time changes as we grow
Never thought it would turn out like this from the get go
Sometimes wish life would move just a little more slow
Never pictured it like this from the get go.

The get go
Is when I took my very first breath
So clean, so pure
What did life mean
So unsure
We can only dream
Of what we have to endure
Babies eyes
Closed, world would soon open wide
Parents pride
Pray God will stand by this baby’s side
Both parents proud
Mama quiet, she so tired,
Daddies fired, so he’s loud
Celebratory cigars
Meet the lads, few jars
Belt out a few bars
In rejoice to the stars
Marriage, first oath sworn
Carriage, welcome first born
In the form of a male
Will this ship sail
Or will this ship fail
Fall victim to the ale
Or scale every fence and every rail
Every hill and every mountain
As the pressure on production rates are mounting
I’ve got dreams I’m counting
There’s more resources in this fountain
There’s a lot of people mouthing
A lot of people doubting
This life just begun
A lot of hopes laid upon this newborn son.

The get go
Is when I took my very first breath
So clean, so pure
What did life mean
So unsure
We can only dream
Of what we have to endure
Nothing’s as it seems
In life nothing’s sure
Born in different circles
Destined to follow different paths
Sometimes we’ve little bearing
On how our life maps
Some born lucky
Some born healthy
Others born unlucky
Others born unhealthy
Some born poor
Others born rich
Some given little chance
Some given unimaginable gifts
The world opens her doors
We breathe breath into our lungs
This is where it all started
This is where we all begun.

The get go
When I took my very first breath
So clean, so pure
What did life mean
So unsure
We can only dream
Of what we have to endure.

© Daniel Breslin

Please Don’t Start Tonight

Please don’t start a fight tonight
Everyone’s in the house and everything is all right
Nothing but friends
Trying to meet ends
You know what I mean, trying to pay the rent
Give me my mates and a party and I’m quite content
Yo Paulie why’d you have to call him bent?
Cause you’re gonna start a fight
And we’ll all have to fight see
And I wanted tonight, to be stress free
So won’t you let be
Take it easy
It’s a party
So don’t start please
Everyone’s at ease
Whether you’re drinking beer, or smoking trees
There’s no one here, looking for enemies
Welcome in, grab yourself a tin
There’s seldom been, a more welcoming
Place to session
Let’s replace aggression
And erase the suggestion
You should face a lesson
We welcomed you in without pausing
Now look at the trouble that you’re causing
If you came to have a few, and have a laugh
Then it’s true, you picked the right gaf
We’re a decent few, and we show that
But I’m telling you, so you know that
If you came to slag my mates, and start a fight
Look at this place, you picked the wrong night
You’d be cannon fodder
So don’t bother
Cause we all rather
And much prefer
When we all get on
And no problems occur.

Now I don’t think that’s too much to ask
Actually it’s an easy task
So why don’t you clasp a flask
And raise your spirits high
The session doesn’t stop till we all run dry
But by and by
We’ve a large supply
So let’s drink our fill
There’ll be plenty still
And in time when we run out of beer, cider, and shorts
We move onto drinking wine, Hennesy, and ports
So get them in, don’t be anti social
Heading back to the gaf, after the local
Around this way, this house the focal
All we have to say, is don’t get too vocal
It ain’t aimed anyway, it ain’t select
All we ask is you, show the house respect
We ain’t foolish though, we do accept
Now and again people get upset
All we ask is you do your best
Just for tonight give them fists a rest
This ain’t a contest in who’s the hardest
Only interest is who’s going to get the farthest
With that girl dressed the smartest
The lads are stressed, they’re trying their hardest
But she’s use to it, she’s playing it cool
Poor Smiley’s useless, he looks a fool
Did a few shots, and fell off his stool
She laughs it off though, the girl’s not cruel
It’s all done in a laugh, the lads love the chase
Just fun in this gaf, man I love this place.

As the night wears on we’re getting slightly pissed
So tell me now, have you got the gist
You can control them fists, roll them spliffs
Or take hold them hips, and give that girl a kiss
It’s as simple as this, simple as that
Don’t mind taking the piss, once it’s done in a laugh
Playful banter when we chit chat
A verbal answer is the only come back
If you ain’t got one, laugh at yourself
You know laughter, is good for your health
So when you get an urge, for fighting stuff
Easy now, you need to lighten up
In our group, we love the stings
We welcome it, when a stranger brings
You’ve to learn to take it, slag them back
Learn to take it, cause it’s only craic
If it gets too much, gets too offensive
Use an easy touch, don’t get too defensive
Just make it clear, someone’s crossed the line
We’re all here, to have a good time
Don’t want to see anyone offended
Just want to see the fun extended
Weekends are a time of relief
And my friends like to unwind in peace
The place is filled
And we’re all chilled
So if you’re not ill willed
And enjoy a laugh
Get your glass filled
But that’s enough of that
For tonight at least
Don’t be a thief
And steal our night
By starting a fight
So as the session reaches its height
Please lads
Don’t start tonight.

© Daniel Breslin

Life Is Short

Life is short
Let’s make it sweet
Lend support
To good people we meet.

No matter how bad you have it
Know there are others have it worse
While we’ve life we should grab it
Though there are times to put others first.

It ain’t always rosy
It ain’t always fair
Can’t always be cosy
People can’t always be there.

LIfe is no bed of roses
Though it’s full of many thorns
Keep those you love closest
For it’s those who guide us through life’s storms.

Life is short
Make it sweet with love
For love is the port
The port for good.

© Daniel Breslin