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That’s How It Is

Now she’s been his
Since they were kids
Don’t speak on this
That’s how it is.
But they’re growing up
And things are changing
He sees it all
But he’s not complaining
He keeps it in
As they creep in
Hopes she keeps him
She’s developing
As they take notice
He keeps his focus
But it’s hard to hold it
When you can’t control it
Many souls destroyed
By older boys
Their better toys
And pressured ploys.
But she’s his jewel
But is he her fool
When seen at school
Maybe they seem cool
It’s youths burden
This thing called learning
Hormones yearning
As they itch to further
But she’s been his
Since they were kids
Don’t speak on this
That’s how it is.

© Daniel Breslin

Making Memories

Taking a trip
Destination unknown
Two souls man the ship
So they don’t travel alone.

The waters will get fierce
The winds will blow hard
There is sure to be tears
There is bound to be scars.

There is a chance the ship will sink
Known yet still set sail
Not on those thoughts do they like to think
More on the highs upon the trail.

Taking up the anchor
They give rise to chance
Knowing it’s better to fight the weather together
As they sail beneath the skies, upon the sea of high romance.

© Daniel Breslin

Loneliness Is Killing Me

The loneliness is killing me
Since you went away.
The silence keeps on grilling me
And I’ve no words to say.
The empty space is filling me
With thoughts of yesterday.
Visions of you are chilling me
In the places we use to play.

My mind’s caught up, feeling a little scared
Trying to look like everything is ok.
I go to talk, then realise your not there
It’s funny the tricks the mind can play.
You won’t hear jokes or laughing round here
They don’t see the light of day.
I get all choked up, then swear I don’t care
Christ I’m even lying to me.

© Daniel Breslin