Be Your Own Person

I see your faults
They show you’re false
Take words with salt
Don’t speak, stop, halt

Stop lying through your teeth
Every time we meet
Every time you speak
You scared what’s underneath?

If you got something to offer
Offer something proper
If you’re the show, then I’m the stopper
You ain’t no teeny bopper.

You ain’t no little kid
Lying about what you did
You’re a grown up make a bid
Be yourself don’t leave him hid.

Don’t keep him all tied in
Release him from hiding
Free yourself
From yourself.

By being yourself
Not someone else
Stop making fabrications
Expecting adulation.

Time faking
Is time wasting
Time’s a wasting
Better hasten.

You better get a moving
What’s the point you’re proving
By being someone else yourself is losing
Get one life, start life choosing.

You’re stuck in a time
Your mind’s warped
Think people are blind
To all your warts?

Well, people aren’t blind
They see their source
Let it play on your mind
You’re coming up short.

Be your own person
Start conversing
And start dispersing
For the acts not working.

Since they all wince
When they get a glimpse
Of your presence
Take the hint.

For your own sake
Stop being a fake
It’s make or break
Don’t leave it wait.

Drive me crazy
You ain’t a baby
You been acting lately
Start acting bravely.

© Daniel Breslin