Drugs In Society

Yesterday I read, the government asking
Is there much drugs in our society?
Hell yeah, there’s a whole variety
Now I’m not trying to promote
But first you’ve got the coke
That hits the note
Then hits the back of your throat
Then makes you so confident
You don’t walk you float
Then you got the ecstasy, infecting me
Has me falling in love
With the person standing next to me
Then burns away the fat
Till there ain’t nothing left of me
Then we got the Lsd
Setting you free, from reality
To border line insanity
For it ain’t always placid on the acid
Many a man’s been known to flip
Off of a bad trip
Many an hour skip
Where you’ve been imagining weird shit
We’re overloading
On fear and loathing
Hunter S showed em’
Now the drug’s exploding
Plus got to make room
For the magic mushroom
Once you consume
Everything is out of zoom
Out of perspective
Mind starts being a little deceptive
Then you got the biggest fear the gear
Growing bigger every year
Seems earths children are screaming
But no one wants to hear
And don’t forget the beer
Something us Irish love
The worlds most acceptable drug
You can buy it in the pub
And here in Ireland
We’ve five of them in every neighborhood
But I ain’t denying it
It’s all good
And if you’re buying it
Mine’s a Guinness bud.

See from this economic boom
I can see disaster loom
You gave us the money
Now watch us consume
Now what did you assume?
For we are addictive people
Just getting out of our heads
Don’t see it as evil
Now and then we endeavour
When board and crave pleasure
Sometimes so intense is the pleasure
Find it hard to measure
Can’t describe or compare it
So we prescribe to share it
Only consume it now
But maybe eventually we’ll wear it
When the drugs take their toll
And our bodies start to bear it
For we’re the generation
That show no hesitation
In escaping life’s frustrations
For moments of meditation
Forget our obligation
For temporary elation
The jilted generation
Musn’t of been given
Proper drug education
For we’re Europe’s drug nation
Ecstasy capital
And that’s factual
They’re so accessible on the streets
We’ve been eating e’s like sweets
Can’t get in the pub, cause I got no I.D
And I need something, to satisfy me
Put two and two together
And where do you find me?
Out of my mind on E
It makes me laugh
You should be teaching this shit in class
Calling me the fool
Education can be a useful tool
If you teach kids the effects
And how they affect
Your body and intellect
You might just protect
Other kids from following
But for now, man we’re swallowing
A load of cheap dirty pills
To get our cheap dirty thrills
How we fulfill our weekends
And how some of my friends meet ends
Happening right before your eyes
I’m just being your lens
A lot of decent guys, caught up in this trend.

Now we’re showing you
What we’re going through
What you gonna do?
We’re the new breed
Want someone to understand us
But it’s old fogies that lead
They just want to command us
Have you leaving in handcuffs
For dealing in band stuff
To some it seems scandalous
But society it demands it
We have to keep order
In order
To create a border
But the line is very thin
Between doing good
And living a life perceived as sin
I know there were drugs before
But across over shore
They heard the Celtic Tiger roar
Said the Irish are hungry
Send them some more
Till a whole industry landed at our door
Went from stealing to dealing
To stacking notes to the ceiling
And let’s be honest there’s no better feeling
For a man was built to provide
This gives him his pride
And when he doesn’t have pride
He feels empty inside
I know this world can be sleazy
But it’s so easy
To get caught up in it
Put some thought up in it
We were brought up in it
So does it astound you?
That it’s around you
We surround you
We’re your sons and your daughters
Trying to build bridges over troubled waters
While we are smoking our quarters
And taking pills in our waters
Ain’t it amazing
How the children you spent your life raising
Have fallen victim to a craving
Just look how we are behaving
And if a high is on supply
People are always going to buy
If you want to fight it
Recognise it
Analyze it
Educate and guide it
To criminalize it
Makes society hide it
Drugs in society, might be one of its ills
But what is it in society? Leaves us unfulfilled?
Should be more classes on drugs, sex, and on health
For we learn so much about subjects, before the subject of self.

© Daniel Breslin