Happy Birthday Michelle

Happy birthday today
We only get one
A day a child shares
With no one more than their mum.

If you celebrate it with her
As she celebrates you
Then on the day you were born
She was born again too.

Your life is your life
Live it as your own
Though remember a mother
Is a child’s very first home.

One day she’ll be gone
But today you’re both here
So for blood, flesh, and bone
Raise a glass to hold dear.

Celebrate birth
Celebrate life
Know what you’re both worth
From dark create light.

So happy birthday to you
One and only Michelle
And at dinner for two
Haven’t two done so well?

So raise glasses high
Smile through the tears
Knowing today’s a beautiful lie
You’re here to celebrate years.

So today what I’ll do
Is wish happy birthday to both
And know the love between two
Would give the darkest heart hope.

We have nothing to fear
But fear itself
And the love you share here
Is the greatest life help.

So cherish today
Like you may cherish no other
For in a way few words can ever say
One will never know love like a child from their mother.

So happy birthday to you
Michelle mothers belle
At dinner for two
Haven’t you two done so well?

Look in each others eyes
Letting no single word nuture
Raise glass high to skies
Recognize past, celebrate future.

Happy birthday today
We only get one
Where people try treat us in a way
Our mothers have always done.

© Daniel Breslin