He Can’t Be Consoled

He can’t be consoled
Because he’s lost his hold
On something ice cold
But it wasn’t cold before
What’s in store
He doesn’t know no more
Never saw him chasing
Cause he never saw it wasting
Now he’s feeling cased in
As it seems she has replaced him
In the district that’s his heart
He was always strict and smart
Now in conflict torn apart
As she rescripts her part
The part he thought she was born to play
That heart use to warm his day
Is the part she has thrown away
A heart of stone is the role it plays
Why didn’t she stop and say?
All he sees is hypocrisy
He never even thought this way
Now feels caught in the light of day
He’s bare for her to see
Do you not care anymore for me?
The boat’s been rocked, this just can’t be
It seems she’s docked, left him at sea.

He’ s a fighter though this mans a swimmer
He ain’t no damn beginner
But on his mind this one’s a spinner
He’s been left behind, and he starts to simmer
Now at first he tried to swim after
But tide got him, and she got faster
Remembers how she was eyed, and how he cast her
Trying to battle his pride, still avert disaster
Time’s not on his side, if he wants to follow
Is it water or pride, he wants to swallow?
In balls of pain
He calls her name
Behind walls of shame
She calls the game
Caught by surprise, ended so abruptly
He said look in my eyes, she said don’t interrupt me
She said they played it out
He complains she never gave the shout
If I hurt you, you never warned or said
Now you hurt me and just storm ahead
You’re treating me like I’m not human
I’m choking on what you’re doing
It’s me and you, it’s you and me
But this isn’t you, this just can’t be
You can’t walk out, let’s talk it out
Water fills his mouth, his pride means bout.

He put pride beside love
And let love rise above
She put herself before them both
She pushed, he untied the rope
He starts to smother
But he’ll recover
From this lover
And one day he’ll find another
With her no longer beside him
He now feels his world capsizing
He knows life can be surprising
So he looks to a new horizon
She hasn’t got the will to go on longer
But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
At the minute she’s all he longs for
But all he longs for he will conquer
He takes in his new surrounding
His heart’s pounding
She wasn’t clowning
She left him drowning
He’s in the water, with a paddle
When he hits land, he’ll be back in the saddle
As he begins to straddle
He wins a battle
Out at sea, he sees few joys
So he deploys his boys
They keep him afloat, when hope’s destroyed
Hope’s on a boat, saying it’s void
And as she gathers knots
He unties his own
He’s cold and shocked
But his boy take hold and guide him home.

© Daniel Breslin