Hear The Latest

Hear the latest? we got rapists
Prowling corners
Found her naked, parents now
Howling mourners
Mourning their first born ones
Got the guards
Scowling corners
We got to catch this scum
Or this scum will start to think they won
It’s hard to fathom
I’ve a daughter and a son
And if it happened to either one
I wouldn’t stop till I got em’
This is my rally cry
Why did you have to let Sally die?
And Aly die?
In an ally why?
And they were pally why?
She knew him they use to socialise
She knew him he was one of the guys
They were out for drinks
She turns her head, in her drink he sinks
A ticking time bomb
Half an hour later her mind was gone
Offered to walk her home and got turned on
She felt safe as they walked alone, till he turned on
Poor little Aly
In a dark lonely Ally
Hadn’t even the strength to scream
As this scum took a queen
His sick fun took her dream
When he was done he cut her spleen.

Now Sally’s panicking
She missed the last bus home
Everyone wishes
She didn’t take the short cut home
They would of collected her
Why didn’t she phone?
They could of protected her
If she wasn’t alone
It was too dark
To cut across the grass
Broke many a heart
As the priest read his mass
He said her life was ended
Unbearably fast
Family praying to God
That this moment will pass
For him to bring her back to life
Make her listen to their advice
Their lurking in the bushes
Your hurting gives them rushes
He doesn’t pause as he ambushes
As he pushes her heart crushes
She’s crying
Why didn’t she listen to their words?
She’s trying
To figure, what she did to deserve
Her minds defying
All the actions of this perv
Spent the night spying
Behind the bushes beyond the curb
Now as he starts slaying
She says if he leaves she’ll never tell
Now family praying
As they grieve he burns in hell
Her clothes entangled
She froze while strangled
It’s hard to handle
We lit a candle.

The worlds a crazy place it’s wild
Another case gets filed
Another home place dialed
‘I’m sorry sir, I think we’ve found your child’
Expected this moment
But the tears flow
A terrible moment
Letting the ones we hold dear go
Lord no, not my baby, not my daughter
Another lady, falling victim to their slaughter
It can’t be
This the stuff you see on TV
I’m near insanity
My tears cry out for some humanity
They want me to identify the body
See if my baby is dead
I want to crucify somebody
What goes through their crazy heads
I’m craving bloodshed
For every tear shed
She’d want me to avenge her
I want revenge for
Everything they did to my daughter
I want her to know I fought for
My angel taken
I’m unstable shaken
My heart’s breaking
I feel forsaken
This is the biggest burden
Any parent will ever bare
We tried to plan
We told her to beware
But we can never truly prepare
For this unruly despair
They see women as easy prey
We’ve to do our best so they don’t get their sleazy way
So I’m a work night and day
To make sure this one doesn’t get away
So this is my rally cry
Why did you have to let Sally die?
And Aly die?
In an ally why?

Their trying to kill and rape our women
They get a thrill from hate filled sinning
Do we sit back and watch the linen dry?
As they attack and watch our women die?

© Daniel Breslin