Playing Straight On Dates

The mind is such a torturous thing
And me I’m such a fool
Finding a girl I care about is such a rarity
When I do, I never play it cool.

I’ve been with many women
But I always play it straight
Just like I did when I was beginning
To enter the charade of dates.

See I hate fucking small talk
Have no time for anyone fake
And that’s all anyone is or does
Until at least the third date.

If I tell them that I like them
But I see us going nowhere
They find me fucking exciting
And that girl ain’t going nowhere.

But if I tell them that I’m interested
Honest just out straight
She panics like I’m infected
Starts looking for her mate.

See I tell it as it is
Never tell them what they want to hear
I could do that with fucking ease
But honestly what the fuck is going on here?

Everyone is looking for something real
But knows you must get it by being fake
Pretend that you don’t feel
And you both just happened on the date.

It’s a game full of muppets
Who think they’re masters of the craft
I could play you all like puppets
But the fuck’s not worth the graft.

I need to look you in the eye
And see you as an equal
Know your not just pretty on the eye
You’re one of few free thinking people.

See the girls I choose are few
The ones who stay are less
But the best ones fucking do
And we’ve had sex before we’ve undressed.

Any hottie can give her body
And you might think that sex is great
But until one’s given you her soul
You’re still a virgin mate.

© Daniel Breslin