Pure And Noble

See how others are
So relaxed and carefree
Entangled in their own love
Unafraid of what others see
See how others are
It’s so endless what they could be
Ramble in a wood of love
Delighting in all they see

How gracefully they move
Like eyes don’t stop and stare
Like they have nothing to lose
And if they did they wouldn’t care
So smooth in dancing shoes
All eyes should grace this pair
Only see the world in twos
So blissfully unaware.

How radiant it is
Unrelenting beaming smiles
Like a world of playing kids
There’s an innocent beauty in a child
Oblivious to this
Like there is no one near for miles
Lovers clear of mist
Go running in the wild

How refreshing it must be
Not to think only feel
Like hit from a wave from sea
When burnt to bits and about to peel
It’s a blessing I hope they see
Which I’m sure time will reveal
To live a life so free
Without a lid or seal.

No eyes to disapprove
Pass by without a pause
No bonds to break or lose
As they obey all of loves laws
Secrecies not a cloak they use
They are free from all its flaws
They’ve got nothing to excuse
They fight a pure and nobel cause.

© Daniel Breslin