Pure Insanity

It’s often in moments of pure insanity
I delight most in our humanity
Moments so out of the box
Feel so alive my heart nearly stops.

Times of madness, times we share
Times of magic, times we dare
Step outside ‘normal’ step outside ‘sane’
Step into life and forget the made game.

Focus on this, the moment, the now
Animate yourself in anyway you know how
Sing, dance, shout, swing
Laugh, fuck, curse something.

This is our ticket, our moment, our time
And I won’t be restricted to waiting in line.
I’ll take to the streets, to a beat a dance floor
I’ll take to the skies, I’ll rise and explore.

Acknowledge your existence however feels right
Opinions aren’t worth pittance live your fucking life
You are a mass of energy, in a conscious able form
Now go master this energy, it is why you were born.

© Daniel Breslin