Rolled Notes

In this room of rolled notes
Lies a room of old hopes
Should we pull over are we all dopes?
Is the party over should we get our coats?
My mind floats
In this room full of dreamers
Full of misdemeanours
Our dealer takes us to the cleaners
With uppers, downers, and inbetweeners
Having fun, we are all young
Adult life has just begun
A new age is only starting
Packed our cases all set for embarking
On the journey of life
Our dreams spiral the wind like a kite
Will they stray left or sway right?
Will they leave the string and take flight?
Will they run riot in a gust?
Or will they become quiet and combust?
The dreams we lust float high
But will they just float by?
Will the fountain run dry?
As the pressure’s mounting
Will we become too shy?
The thought revolves
Around the walls
Will we evolve
When opportunity calls.

When opportunity knocks
Will we pull up our socks
And move the blocks
That aim to stop
For we are reaching that age
Where we have to progress a stage
Can we write the page
If we stand up and engage
Life, can we create and dictate
The way our fate shape?
Should we accept the food on our plate
Even though we don’t like the taste?
Remain still
And let time kill our will
Or look beyond the windowsill
And see the life we want to fulfil
Take action
For these notes aren’t adding
They’re subtracting
Might of strayed a fraction
Judge us on our reaction
Will we be reborn
Brew up a storm
Escape the norm
And outperform
Everyone’s expectations
Combine our imaginations
And achieve our aspirations
With blind dedication.

When life presents a groove
Will we find our strength and move
With those who are driven
Make a decision
To better our living
And start bidding
To our enclosing shell
And begin to tell
Of the hopes that fell
Voice your dreams
Voice with screams
Voice your core
Voice with roar
And let hopes soar
Like they did before
Let them resurface
Regain their purpose
Let our life have meaning
Cause I can’t help feeling
As we pump our systems full of lines
We’ve fallen victim to the times
And in so doing fallen a little behind
But now we’ve told our hopes
We unfold our notes
Grab our coats
Stand at the door
Of what lies in store
Though you can see in our stare
We know there’s more
And if we dare
We might just soar.
Now’s the time.

© Daniel Breslin