Sanity In Madness

Sanity in madness
Is a truth I often find
When on all too rare occasions
I find solace, in the midst of losing our minds.

When friends unite to delight in each other
Laughing anew as we do remiss
I am brought back to humanity
Shaken alive, from what can be, a mere exist.

In the unrestrained madness
Experienced in endless jest
I find and save my sanity
By losing my mind in a much welcome mess.

Times to me so perfect
My body wants to laugh as it cries
Instead I let it do neither
Selfishly savouring the moment behind the veil of a smile.

For our time is oh so brief
Too often we forget to savour our improbable chance
Letting ourselves get caught in trivialities, a thief
Truly lost, steal our own thoughts, away from the beauty, of this wicked romance.

So moments of madness I selfishly savour
For they always give as they make real my part
For I feel so free in our outrageous behavior
As we laugh unforgiving, enjoying our participance , in the worlds greatest, dying art.

© Daniel Breslin