She’s Young And In Control

She’s young and in control
Little more fashion than soul
Got her eyes fixed on a goal
Lot of guys want to play a role.

She can take them or leave them
She’s young she doesn’t need them
She’s content enjoying her freedom
It’s the very essence of her reason.

She’s got focus she knows what she wants
Won’t be noticed in local haunts
She’s got a body one she flaunts
And it helps achieve those wants.

But she won’t be tied down
Fall in love then you’re a clown
There’s more than a few around
Walking wounded all over town.

The girl knows how to dress
And only ever does to impress
She’s obsessed on being a success
Get in her way she’s coming off best.

She’s such a vibrant pretty thing
And everything in her life’s a fling
That’s the kind of feeling she bring
Enters a room, commands all within.

Eyes are fixed from both the sexes
Women envy, men become restless
She’s desire cloaked in dresses
Some perspire from mere caresses.

Men are so willing to give
For just the promise of a taste
She gives reason for some to live
But she’s always on the take.

Beware of the pain if you enter the game
Because for many, the pain is too great
When she takes their offers empties their coffers
And progresses from them post haste.

© Daniel Breslin