Silent Eyes

His silent eyes
Are his overlying disguise
To where his inner envy lies
As he tries
To battle his inner emotion
That’s a bottle he doesn’t want to open
Its secrets never spoken
For fear of what could be woken
He’s choking on it
Can’t stop thinking on it
Moping on it
Doting on
The notion
Of events that will never be set in motion
Tables to big to turn
Bridges to big to burn
His heart burns
Because it yearns
For something it knows doesn’t belong to it
The chains enclosing it are bolted to strong to it
Making sure they never lose it
It would be wrong to move it
There’s to many feelings involved
So deep if cut they may never be resolved
So he keeps it concealed
Cause if revealed
Blows will be dealed
Leaving scars that may never be healed
Cause once the skin is peeled
You cant reseal it
I see his pain I feel it
He’s put ties
On his wandering eyes
As he tries
To stop the spies
That know where his envy lies
His heart dies in its disguise
But very few have heard its sighs
Or its drawn out goodbye.

Affairs of the heart
But affairs here wouldn’t be smart
Her stares rip him apart
As she dares him to follow his heart
But he cant he won’t
His heart says yeah his brain says don’t
His heart suffers
But he never utters
For his utters would cause more suffer
But his feelings are growing stronger
So the silence is getting tougher
She’s a looker he can’t deny
But if he took her
That wouldn’t be the reason why
Never sought his eye
But caught his eye
Now he feels he ought to try
But the door remains shut
So he remains put
Because the bond is to big to break
There is way to much at stake
He thinks of soul mate
Then the possible heart ache
He wants to clean his slate
Before it’s too late
This could be his big break
Or his biggest mistake
So he’s lying in wait
Relying in fate
He’s trying to give space
What’s meant to be will take place
He needs to show composure self control
But love is taking its toll
Leaving a gaping hole
In his aching soul
But he can’t control his wishing
So he’s wishing he was in poll position
If he could return to the start
Maybe in turn the burn would leave his heart.

He wants something he can’t touch
He craves it so much
A fool as such
He’s not listening to his heart
Too afraid of the part
That it may play
It could create dismay
He doesn’t want to throw away
The friend he has today
So he refuses to say
Puts his feelings on lay away
Remains quiet
Will they buy it
For there is a bigger purpose
Somethings are never meant to surface
Doesn’t even know if it would be worth it
Whether she could be unearthed
Whether she could be taken away
Its much too hard to say
She’s making his mind play
He needs to keep them thoughts at bay
He slates himself
Berates himself
He hates himself
But he can’t escape himself
He cant change how he feels
He prays at night he kneels
Curses this big spinning wheel
And the cards that life can deal
As he contemplates the steal
He excavates how he feels
Which elevates the deal
To a higher pedestal
His happiness at stake
He lays it all out on a plate
Tells her first, then tells his mate
Repents the pain but it’s too late
He’s opened the gates of love and hate
The two men have torn her
She choose the new or keep the former
The ball lies heavy in her corner.

© Daniel Breslin