I just have some days
Where I be feeling down
Always keeping a brave face
As this world pushes around.

I just have some days
I wouldn’t mind good company
So much we never say
Know there are times it would be good for me.

Sometimes I just get tired
Of taking all the hits
To have someone I could talk to
Somedays is all I wish.

I ain’t looking for pity
I ain’t no charity case
I just have somedays
Don’t we all mate?

I just have somedays
And don’t we fucking all?
Just have those fucking days
We tire of hitting walls.

I just have somedays
Today was just one of them
But tomorrows a new day
Thank God for fucking them.

Don’t mind what I just said
Today I’m feeling great
Just needed to clear my head
Thanks for being a mate.

Thanks for being there
Is all I want to say
How lucky I truly am
Just being a fool today.

Thanks for your advice
For lending just an ear
I’ll sleep better for it tonight
And would you look, tomorrows nearly here.

© Daniel Breslin