Strange Old Life

It’s a funny old thing, this strange old life
What each day brings, we never know right?
One minute you’re a king, the next you’re landed in plight
One moment you’re at the bottom, next moment you’ve reached your height.
It’s full of ups and downs, immersed in highs and lows
It’s full of somber frowns and misguided large egos
It’s full of fools and clowns trying to star in their own show
And it’s full of hopes and dreams, people never show.
It’s something we observe as well as play a part
It’s something more than words, more than they can even start
It’s something to be felt and heard, experienced with your heart
And it’s for everyone in the herd, whether they’re deemed dumb or smart.
It’s a maker and a breaker, in every kind of way
It’s a giver and a taker, for nothing’s here to stay
There’s no rewind or fast forward just a one option play
Make every person feel like a dog, though every dog will have its day.
It will beat you to a pulp, till you wither away and die
It will cheat you till you gulp, barely resisting the urge to cry
It will take loved ones from you, without a chance to say goodbye
At times, it feels like first it takes the good ones, which will leave you asking why.
It presents unforeseen challenges put there to challenge you
It rips and it damages, all you know, and once thought you knew
No matter how tough you are it manages, to wear down and soften you
And no matter how much you think you can handle it, in the end it handles you.

Though life remains a beautiful circle, just playing its part in evolution
It’s hurdle after hurdle, part time remedies with few solutions
Some who believe in good,  would stand by execution
Preach the name of love and fight the cause against pollution.
It’s a mixed up, muddled up, crazy old ride
And not a mixed up, sinner, has time on their side
When you think you’ve found the truth, it would appear the truth has lied
When you ask the ultimate question, you know the answer will be denied.
You will fall through the pits of hell
Stand tall at the gates of heaven
At times you will ultimately excel
Other times you will stall and meet a dead end.
Fall head over heels, with those you know you shouldn’t
And embrace and feel, what you thought you couldn’t
If you’re lucky life will deal, someone to give you good loving
If you’re unlucky life will steal, leave you to think about what could of been.

It’s a crazy insane trip
Filled with pain some feel forced to skip
But while I’m here I try embrace every bit
Every falling tear and every smile on my lips.
When I embrace it, I want to embrace it with others
Family, relationships, friends and lovers
Loneliness drains, chains, and smothers
Loneliness and pain, if not one in the same, close as brothers.
I share it with others, for we’re all stuck in the same boat
People by my side, give me reason to hope
Have to battle some tides, not always easy to cope
Just enjoying the ride, for as long as it floats.
For make no mistake, this life is a gift
If you’re looking for a break, recognize life is it
So try and make use, no matter how poorly equipped
For the greatest form of abuse, would be in abandoning a floating ship.
For as much as there is pain, there is still so many highs
No matter how much it rains, there will always come clear skies
So keep playing the game, even when there’s tears in your eyes
For no matter what the now contains, the future, always, always, remains a surprise.

© Daniel Breslin