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Love And Hope

The ones who shine lights
The ones who give hope
The ones who give you tether
When you're at the end of your rope.

The ones who give support
The ones who give you strength
Who move with love as centre source
Good their overall intent.

The ones who lighten days
When your days need lightening up
The ones who clear the haze
When your view needs clearing up.

The ones who make sense of madness
Whose acts of kindness pull you through
Help you live and cope through sadness
Overcome, and approach this world anew.

The ones who live in love
Put a little love in all they do
They’re the ones who give my heart a buzz
And help create the world I want to view.

The ones who give you strength
When this world is feeling tough
Are the ones who seal my intent
Make it easier getting up.

I like to think I live and learn
From those who live in love and hope
They give me strength at every turn
Make it so much easier to cope.

Some say it’s the hope that kills you
But it’s always been hope that’s seen me through
So may you live in love and hope
And may others, find some of their hope in you.

© Daniel Breslin