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Today I Sit In Pain

Sometimes we fall apart

In order to rebuild

Sometimes love breaks our hearts

Because our hearts with love is filled.


Sometimes life’s lessons

We be learning slow

And we run in all types of directions

When it feels like pain is all we know.


It can be hard to say we messed up

Or just admit you are feeling low

When you really don’t know how to deal with something

Or how to let the pain of it go.


It’s not that you feel hopeless

Or you don’t see scope to grow

It’s just you don’t really know where to focus

As your heart tries to cope, with letting its biggest hope go.


For I’ve been holding onto hope

In some misplaced broken form

And that hope gave me strength to cope

When my heart and world felt completely torn.


For every person needs love

And every person needs hope

And the world is hard enough when you don’t have one

Never mind when you are lacking both.


But in our heartbreak, we can find our issues

Pinpoint the things that hold us back

And rebuild some hope in ourselves

When in other situations hope retracts.


I always thought I had the answers

Of how to deal with most everything

And that every hardship faced

Was a chance to show strength in suffering.


But it’s become painfully clear here that I don’t

As this pain cuts that bit more deep

For while I’m used to rebuilding hope

Attached to this hope, was so much hope for me.


To admit you need another

Is just a reality, that comes easy to some

But when you’ve spent your life denying your needs

That can be a massive obstacle to overcome.


How does the thing we desire the most?

Become the thing that we most fear?

That we panic in the sight of it

As our body screams to us how long it’s been since it felt near.


Reminding us we can’t fight our feelings

We can merely try and deny as we bury them below

And we’ve to get comfortable sitting with them

If we have any hope in letting them go.


We can lose hope in other situations

But we must never lose hope in ourselves

We all have our own demons we’re facing

In our own external and internal hells.


For me it’s losing someone I care about

For reasons I must let silence tell

And in searching myself, acknowledge losing people I care about

Is something I know a little too well.


I can’t hide my vulnerability

Or even try deny the pain I’m in

In fact, I’m sitting in both, admittedly

But maybe in that there’s some kind of win.


I always thought I had the answers

Of how to deal with most everything

And that every life tragedy and event

Was a chance to show strength in suffering.


But this is a pain I’ve been trying to escape

Only it’s a lie to myself I can’t manage to sell

For there’s so much hope lost for me in this heartbreak

How much I could take, at times, has been hard to tell.


‘For pain can be a bludgeon

A prism to see through

Or it can be a smudge on

Your vision, a stain before a more beautiful view.


And it’s always been a stain for me

In the heart a painful shot

But I’ve taken many of those

And have yet to see myself stop.’


Or at least that’s the voice that’s been in my head

At every hurdle life has thrown in my view

And to a lot of good in my life that voice has lead

But something in it this time rings a little untrue.


I always thought I had the answers

But it’s become clear here how much I don’t

As I keep trying to outreason a feeling

But the feeling’s a feeling and stop it won’t.


Today the world is dark

Today my heart is blue

But every day is another torch to spark

And each soul is responsible for the torch in you.


For when one door offers closure

And hope feels hard to source

Remember hope is life’s greatest soldier

But it’s up to you to light the torch.


And that’s the torch we must carry

Even when others dwindle from our eye

For it’s the torch we kindle for life in ourselves

When times are dark we must never let die.


I can retreat into sorrow

Feel sorry for myself for a time

But I soon put my hopes back on tomorrow

For the day may be lost, but the future’s still mine.


We don’t always get the things we want

But that can help make sense of what we need

And as we let our demons haunt

We must remind ourselves to breathe.


We can grieve the living

We can grieve parts of ourselves

But we must keep gratitude for the life we’re living

Even when it hurts deep in our cells.


And as I process hurt

I only ever see more work on me

And for future relationships to work

That’s maybe the way it has to be.


For you can educate your mind

But what’s the use if you don’t educate your soul?

For it’s only in the connection with others

I’ve ever felt anything resembling whole.


So today I sit in sorrow

Today I sit deep in my pain

Allowing the hurt and sorrow

Run deep through my heart and veins.


Ain’t this life a terror?

Don’t it hit you where it hurts?

Where you slug through and suffer hardships

For life’s brief but sweet desserts.


Ain’t this life a dream?

Ain’t it all we’ll ever have?

And sometimes even at its worst

If we work, it still ain’t half bad.


So today I sit in pain

Admiring the beauty in that too

And know maybe tomorrow we return a little to colour

With an open heart and a different prism to see through.


But today I sit in sorrow

Today I sit deep in my pain

Admitting the only knowing is in hoping, there will come a tomorrow

Where these feelings won’t remain.


© Daniel Breslin

Don’t Give Up Son

Don’t give up son
I know that you are tired
Them emotions come bubbling up some
Leave your brain feeling rewired.
We can go to awful despair
When we feel our feelings aren’t cared for
Or we try to summon up the words for feelings
That for us were never really there for.
It can take some life from you
When they all come together at once
Or people demand from you
Like you can never give enough.
Don’t give up son
I know that you are tired
Them emotions come bubbling up some
Leave your brain feeling rewired.
The things that you plough through
Sometimes they plough through you
You’re not failing any test
On the times you are not at your best.
You have a lot on your plate
There is a lot of good that you do
It’s alright if you’re not feeling great
I wish I could have been there more for you.
Don’t give up son
On those days that you are tired
You need to open up some
Even if it’s not with the one that you desired.
You need to let life in son
You’ve spent far too long alone
And I know in your heart you think you’ve found the woman
But that woman has said that she’s gone. 
You need to start living your life son
In a more caring, deeper way
Where the love that you give out
Is there for you in a similar way. 
Don’t give up son
You are heading in many good directions
And I know for you son
This has been one of your hardest lessons.
You never quit easy
I’ve always noticed that in you
And when you get your teeth in a thing
You like to see that thing through. 
You’ve handled a lot of loss
I’m pretty proud of the way you handled mine
And if there’s a spirit world
Know mine was with you at the time.
We can decide what we let in
And we can decide what we cut out
When we are strong enough
To see clearer through our doubts.
To do that we drink them in
We let them fill us whole
And we blow out the ones
That don’t align with our soul.
Don’t give up son
Today you are just feeling tired
Coming to the end of a long run
Of not really meeting your needs or desires.
Don’t give up son
For what looks like a painful end
Can be the beautiful start for some
In which open hearts mend. 
And the more you open yours
The more I’m sure that pain will ease
The fact the woman that you love, is loving someone else
Is something time will just unfortunately have to tease. 
You need to let some others care for you
For precious is our time
And you’re in need of love
And you never got enough of mine. 
Things don’t always work out
I’m the living dead proof
But everyday of life
Is an extra day of youth.
Don’t give up son
I know that you are tired
Them emotions come bubbling up some
Leave your brain feeling rewired.
Life is full of pressure
But precious does life be
And though I’m not there to say it
‘Son, you were always precious to me.’
Don’t give up son
You just going through incremental change
And I never knew change 
That wasn’t laced with pain.
You’re just re-walking your hell
Learning what served you well
Cracking open that protective shell
And drinking in the future’s smell.
Don’t give up son
Your heart is just reopening
And in order to do that 
We need to look at what’s been broken in it.
Don’t give up son
For never has that been you
You’re just breathing in your doubts
And breathing out what’s not for you.
Don’t give up son
For in life there is no smooth sea we sail upon
We battle against the tide 
We’re always going to get stuff wrong.
Don’t give up son
You just realign with the heart in you
You give that heart time
And you continue being you.
I’m proud of the man you are
I’m proud of the man I see
And every single man has to ask the same question
How much more can that man be? 
Don’t give up son 
For that’s not something that we do
But that’s just the man in me
Talking, to the man, I see, in you. 

© Daniel Breslin

Bicep Playing Rain

I love good music
It just speaks to my heart
These electronic sounds being created
In this beautiful boundless art.
These sounds just strike my soul
Speak directly to my being
Capture what it is I can’t extol
Cutting deep getting straight to feeling. 
I hear something new
Just boundless in these waves
And I feel pure soul
As I listen to the magic in their play.
They just take me different places
I’m in awe of what they create
I feel their beats opening new spaces
And I love when I enter those spaces with my mates.
What you living for other?
What here is your aim? 
I don’t really know mine either, but it 
feels a little clearer
When I hear Bicep playing Rain.
When I hear Four Tet playing Baby
When I hear Opal and Four Tet
I feel the essence of beauty
I feel that deep connect.
In those moments I see brightness
I see colours come in sound
And I feel our souls are timeless
And these sounds are breaking through new ground.
We’re all in this together
Something better is the aim
All in search of pleasure
Trying to make some sense out of our pain.
And it is my senses that are tickled
Lulled and brought alive
As this music through me ripples
And speaks to my insides.
Speaks to my brain, my soul, my heart
Makes my body move free of shame
And in its symphony claim a part
Knowing love and pain are one in the same.
Know this life is just a gift
And there is nothing that we own
But the more we connect, the more we lift
And I’m at mercy to the life within these tones. 
It’s in how they move and soothe me
In ways that I can’t speak
There’s so many things in life that lose me
But music finds me soaring, with the 
earth beneath my feet.
There’s just something in a melody
There’s just something in these tunes
That take a little hell from me
And make life feel so opportune.
We’re all just on this little ride
For a little space and time
Have you been wasting years?
Sometimes it feels I’m wasting mine.
I just want that little love
I just want that little connection
And when I can’t get it in flesh and blood
In music I find soothing and affection.
I find love and I see beauty
I see heart and I feel soul
As others put so much love in so astutely
In the little parts that make the whole.
I hear Jon Hopkins play Immunity
And a tear comes to my eye
As I look at my friends in all their beauty
And know that it’s what we offer each other 
gets us by.
I hear Light Through The Veins
I just lie back, smile, and sigh
For in that song there is such life
And it’s one to which I’d gladly die.
That ain’t no talk of defeatism
That’s just truth in all its hope
I’m just drifting in the breeze with em'
When I’m drinking in these beats and notes.
They just take me different places
Travel far and deep inside
Make me wear the happiest of faces
While at the same time able to bring a tear 
to my eye.
And if you don’t see the beauty in that
I wonder do you really see and feel love
For that’s exactly the feelings, places, and faces
That love brings and gives to us.
It shines light on our dark parts
Tells us there is beauty in our pain
And no matter how much we think we’re different
We’re much more one in the same.
We’re all in this together
We’re all just drifting in the breeze
Feeling pain in search of pleasure
And things that make us feel at ease.
I see it in a friend’s smile
And I feel it in these beats and notes
And it’s things enacted, made, or born in love
That are the things that help us cope.
I’m just listening to Four Tet 4T Recordings
As I finish these last lines
And I feel my soul tingle
As these notes mingle and travel up my spine.
We’re all in this together
We’re all just drifting in the breeze
And in this music I find such pleasure
And my mind is given ease.
What you living for other?
What here is your aim?
I don’t really know mine either, but it 
feels a little clearer
When I hear Bicep playing Rain. 

© Daniel Breslin

The Art Of Letting Go

The art of letting go
Is an art I hate to know
Letting go of those I love
Is not something I do that good.

But it is something
That’s becoming familiar
This one’s different
But the pain is similar.

The art of letting someone be
When they don’t want to be with me
The art of finding new growth
And in heartbreak, rebuilding hope.

The art of letting go
Is an art I hate to know
But it’s an art I’m learning slow to fast
As we can’t build our futures in the past.

The art of accepting our mistakes
Realising those we love can feel for us some hate
Is undoubtedly a bitter pill to take
I accept some flaws but I had some weights.

A lot of growth comes out of pain
I’d a lot of hope in this flame
My heart is broke, that’s the name
But I’ve been a blind dope, so I can’t complain.

These were my years of suffering
These were my years of hurt
The years where a lot of what I put my work in
Didn’t seem to work.

These were years of loss
These were years full of pain
And as I weigh up and accept the cost
Want to ensure the coming years aren't the same.

So I’m a dust myself down
Take a look at the road
And try to move on
Even if I’m moving slow.

So I’ll be working on me
I’ll be working on growth
And I’ll be trying to see
New opportunities for hope.

For I am nothing
If not a man of growth
And I am nothing
If not a man of hope.

I’ll be healing my heart
And I’ll be getting stronger
I felt for this one deeply
So healing may take a little longer.

I’ve been holding on
Waiting for that final blow
My heart needed to see it in their eyes
Before it could let go.

The art of letting go
Is an art I hate to know
Letting go of those I love
Is not something I do that good.

The art of letting go
Is an art I hate to know
But I’m learning slow to fast
For we can’t build our futures in the past.

The art of letting go
The art of starting fresh
The art of letting go
Can feel a lot like death.

The art of letting go
The art of moving on
My heart’s been feeling low
With being on its own and strong.

So maybe the art of letting go
Is trying to teach me the art of letting in
And the art I hate to know
Is trying to show, there’s a new art to begin.

© Daniel Breslin

What’s The Story Glory?

I’m just driving in my city
Drinking in its sights and sounds
These sights and sounds uplift me
Whenever I’m feeling down.

See a couple with a bottle of whiskey
Sitting on powerscourt steps
With it they take a selfie quickly, making faces
And they laugh themselves to death.

I drive off less than swiftly
With a smile heavy set
It’s hard to know what in the moment hit me
But it hit me in my depth.

I look around me now
Eyes on people having fun
Music in the car kicks in
There’s been a lot of loss, but I'm not done.

Drive by a girl
Pouting, taking selfies
She doesn’t care
Who looks as they pass
And there’s something
In the way, she doesn’t care
Makes me only care
To laugh.

Today was a hard one
Had a few things tearing on my heart
And the way I deal with hard ones
Is drink them in, and plan new starts.

So I’m out looking for love and hope
Any way they will come
And today I got lucky
I’m in Dublin, in the Sun.

This is my city
It courses through my heart and veins
See someone on harder times than me,not all pretty
Find myself wondering his name?

When in his cup someone drops in money
And such a healthy smile back at them he aims
I move my eye back to the road
And feel more than my car switching lanes.

For where there’s life there’s hope
And we can still have gratitude in our pains
And I silently thank that bloke
For the memory my mind now claims.

There’s women lightly dressed
There’s smiles all around
There’s so much life and hope
When Sun shines on my hometown.

Drive down Kevin Street
There’s a group out drinking
Around a table, having chats
Beneath the flats.

Me, I get to thinking
Of my friends
Similar days gone
And how it’s hard to beat times like that
When you’re laughing
In the heat
Among people
Who’ve got your back.

Then I start to thinking about my needs
And how they’re not being met
The life I want to lead
And the life it now seems I need forget.

Maverick Sabre is singing Glory
Tells me keep my head up that I cope
And that song does so much for me
I cherish every word and note.

I put it on repeat and I go driving
Go climbing up them hills
Remind myself that I’m surviving
And it gives me strength of will.

I’m just looking at the blueprints
Redesigning my plans
About what to grip and what to loosen
And what’s actually within my hands.

I can’t live the lives of others
I can’t build a life on only hope
Heartbreak pulls away them covers
And silence treats me like a dope.

I accept the acts of others
Even if their acts don't make me feel good
And must find solace in the fact
I know my acts were out of love.

What’s the story glory?
There’ll be glory yet for me
Like I see in the lives of others
When Sun shines on my city.

I’m done with surviving
It’s thriving now I seek
Mind, soul and feeling
Are intertwining
While I’m driving
I think they’re aligning,
Could be something defining when they meet.

I rose up out of darkness
I rose up out of pain
I’ll rise up out of heartbreak
I rise and rise again.

What’s the story glory?
There’ll be glory yet for me
Like I see in the lives before me
When Sun shines on my city.

What’s the story glory?
There’ll be glory yet for me
Like I see in the lives before me
When Sun shines on my city.

© Daniel Breslin

Love And Hope

The ones who shine lights
The ones who give hope
The ones who give you tether
When you're at the end of your rope.

The ones who give support
The ones who give you strength
Who move with love as centre source
Good their overall intent.

The ones who lighten days
When your days need lightening up
The ones who clear the haze
When your view needs clearing up.

The ones who make sense of madness
Whose acts of kindness pull you through
Help you live and cope through sadness
Overcome, and approach this world anew.

The ones who live in love
Put a little love in all they do
They’re the ones who give my heart a buzz
And help create the world I want to view.

The ones who give you strength
When this world is feeling tough
Are the ones who seal my intent
Make it easier getting up.

I like to think I live and learn
From those who live in love and hope
They give me strength at every turn
Make it so much easier to cope.

Some say it’s the hope that kills you
But it’s always been hope that’s seen me through
So may you live in love and hope
And may others, find some of their hope in you.

© Daniel Breslin