The Boxer

It’s fight night
Feel my pulse tonight
I was built to excite
Don’t wilt I ignite
Swing a left then a right
And I surpass my height
To fast for sight
It’s your ass tonight
Swing speed like a light
Sting recede you feel the bite
In this ring it’s my fight
A King witness my might
You’re exactly my type
Can’t match me I’m ripe
On my feet I’m too light
The best you’ll meet in your life
And the best will beat you tonight
Now stick that in your pipe
I’m a boxing delight
Out foxing despite
Your advantage in height
I’m a savage you’re right
I manage my spite
Going to do damage tonight
Need bandages from my strikes
Dodge your left, lodge my right
Bob and weave I’m too bright
Too great an insight
When your locked in my sight
I swing one hell of a right
Hit floor, ring bell, that’s goodnight.

I’ve been beating them pads
You been eating kebabs
I’m going to beating your abs
While you’re eating my jabs
I’ll duck your right hook
Then erupt an upper cut
Construct while your stood shook
Then destruct till you can’t stand up
If you’re scarred up
It’s not some hard luck
It’s down to hard work
You better keep that guard up
You can’t batter me
You can’t knacker me
You ain’t a patch on me
I’m Mr. Accuracy
When I cast my stare and aim
You best prepare for a blast of pain
Barely able to grasp my name
I’m a different class in this game
I switch my style and change
So you’re always in my range
No such thing as a fair exchange
After me you won’t fight the same
Bet your life I’m a fine bet
Ain’t never been behind yet
Mess up your face then your mind set
No one notice you in a line check
Fists like kegs, hitting your head
Till your legs, feel like lead
Then when I’m ahead
Lights out! Just like I said.

Your game plan abandon it
Never just a random hit
The ring I’m commanding it
Falling’s the only hand you’ll have in it
You keep presenting challenges
I keep implementing damages
My anger I can channel it
Present a battle and I’ll handle it
You can try work me on the chin
Like I’ve been working in the gym
I only came to win
There’s no chance I’m giving in
I’ll rise to the challenge here
I survive and persevere
I’ve got drive you can’t get near
I thrive on the atmosphere
Feel alive when I hear them cheer
As I strive to do damage here
No one I’ll dive, cause no one I fear
Anyone you throw at me
Better be prepared to go toe to toe with me
Call yourself a challenger
I call myself the damager
You be calling to your manager
‘You said it’d be a tight bout
He just knocked my lights out’
I’m gifted as a fighter
Arms lifted, defence tighter
When I throw punches
They come in bunches
The body crunches
So trust your hunches
There ain’t no solution here
You’re fighting an executioner
Got a whole new demeanour
When I step in the arena
Make you realise you’re just a dreamer
But hey, I’m looking for a cleaner.

© Daniel Breslin