The Cauldron

We enter the cauldron
The gladiators pit
The atmosphere is scalding
We feel every bit.

Our history stands before us
A new one awaits
Inspired by the chorus
That lifts us through the gates.

The opponents take their formation
We stand fearless in front of it
Our eyes brave full of determination
Our lives forgotten for just a bit.

I look at each man beside me
Each ready to die in the tackle
I feel pride rise inside me
I’m ready to ride into battle.

I look to the stand
I see faces full of trust
I’m at one with every man
And victory’s all we lust.

Every tackle I make
I do for more than the team
For every tackle I break
I hear a whole nation scream.

For every score
For every point taken
There is a deafening roar
That leave my joints shaken.

I am honoured to wear the jersey
I am honoured to play with these men
We’ve done it before we showed no mercy
Now we’re sure thirsty to do it again.

So let me out on this battlefield
With these warriors to the core
The enemy knows we won’t yield
The enemy fears what lies in store.

© Daniel Breslin