Those Old Days

I love those old days
Of living it up
Hitting hard some days
Not giving a fuck.
Bunch of messers
Bunch of mad nuts
Those days were precious 
Those days were us.

Getting up to madness
Getting up to mischief
There would be sadness
If those days were finished
They’ve calmed a little
No doubting that
But I love the times
We bring the madness back.

Responsibilities now
They can tie me down
Comes to the small session
Not always around
But give me a decent crew
A good excuse
And I’m ready and eager
To fecking let loose.

Bring the old us back
Let rip, a wild session
Laughter, drink , chat
And a shit load of messing
I loved those days
Living life with you
Those days slowly fade
Now and then we renew.

I love moving forward
Love having new goals to attack
Though when won, the best reward
For me, is always, to go a little back.

© Daniel Breslin