Time To Time

It’s hard to believe you’re gone
Hard to believe you’re not out there
Just feels so fucking wrong
Life rarely ever gets more unfair.

We keep pushing on
Always remaining aware
When we gather at the table
There’s a massive empty chair.

But we don’t let you go
You’re always close in mind
Replay your slideshow
Shed a tear from time to time.

Never easy to watch
Still, I often do
Hoping to ease the pain of loss
Knowing it’s near impossible to.

So I play your slideshow
Shed a tear, even smile, sometimes
Hurts like hell most times I know
But keeps you alive at least in mind.

We are a band of brothers
And we’ll always remember
For your band of brothers
Abandons no member.

We keep pushing on
But you are always there
And when we gather at the table
Each member quietly seats your chair.

© Daniel Breslin