I’m tired of going out
I’m tired of sitting in
I’m tired of what’s on offer
I’m tired of what’s been.

I’m tired of all these people
I’m even tiring of myself
I’m tired of this world’s evil
And I’m tired of everything else.

I’m tired of playing games
The ups and downs of love
I’m tired of racking my brain
About what’s wrong and what is good.

I’m tired of doing what I shouldn’t
Ignoring the things I should
I’m tired of ignoring good loving
Then being ignored by love.

I’m tired and disillusioned
A slightly beaten broken man
I’m tired in a ball of confusion
So please don’t ask me how I am.

Eventually I’ll be fine
Eventually I’ll pull through
I’m just living in a darkened state of mind
For there’s just so much darkness in my view.

I’m tired of looking for light
Tired of fighting to be a light too
I’m just tired a little tonight
Tomorrow we start anew.

© Daniel Breslin