Unknown Streams

Uneasy thoughts, have put me at ease with myself
I feel more like a man for reaching out for help
The man in a constant jam has been left upon the shelf
I’ve freed the man I am by looking outside of the self.

My mind gets caught in constant battles
As It questions all I do
Gets angry at my bodies actions
When they are repetitive and rarely new.

Same old problems fluff the tackle
Nothing learned, a fool
Mind capsizing, it’s demoralising, realising
It can’t even count on you.

The more I keep it bottled up
The more it eats and haunts my dreams.
The more I deny and hide the problem
The more I die in silent screams.

Thinking I’m a man on my own I’ll solve them
When the time comes I’ll find the means.
Knowing the right time is now, afraid of the how
Scared of the water, in unknown streams.

© Daniel Breslin